My Wallpapers 36

July 19, 2007


I really like the intensive colors of this AIR-Wallpaper. It features the characters of the Summer-arc (the one settled in the past). At the first time I saw this series I couldn’t care less for this arc, because I wanted to know how things reveal in the present. But now, seen in retrospective, I’d say that this arc was quite fine, too, amongst others because it didn’t had those other girls who’s only purpose seemed to be to distract from the main story and to disappeared almost completely after their individual problem was solved. Altogether I’ve to say that AIR is a pretty interesting and touching series, but it took me some time to get on with it, as can be seen in what I wrote about it in my first post.

Wallpaper source: Freddie’s Wallpaper


  1. LOL that is what I am using right now too!!!
    Mostly due to the fact my desk faces the sun through my window at dusk, and lake and thin layer of woods outside plus the sun really matches this wallpaper.

  2. That sounds really nice. I can only see the back of some red and white buildings and an rather ugly courtyard.

  3. pangit sobra yak….

  4. Hi, sehr interessanter Beitrag. Ich liebe dieses Thema und warte auf weitere Artikel dieser Art.

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