School Days & Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai

July 11, 2007

School Days

School Days

The first episode of School Days is rather stereotype (the theme can be easily guessed from the title) with an animation quality that, while not looking too bad at any time, always has the feeling that it could be better somehow. But I think that it has some potential because of the unusual fast developing relationship, the infamous bad endings of the original computer game and the little hints for some plot twists (like Makoto’s violent snapping on the roof). But I don’t think that it will become a second Higurashi no Naku Koro ni like

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai

should become in short time. Okay, not much happened in the first episode and the animation quality is again nothing to brag about (especially the noses felt a bit off), but I’m pretty sure that the atmosphere of the first season will re-established soon enough. Much more questions, answers, psycho-ness, blood and plot-holes are to be expected.


  1. Just finished watching it. After hearing u talking about the infamous ending of the game then i start to read the spoiler from wikipedia. But i think it would be better if we put that ending aside first, so we can enjoy our anime as much as we can, right? For the anime, it seem like going well for me, but i still have no idea how it is going to end up like. At the beginning i feel like i like Katsura more but i know that Saionji doing those things for Ito just because she loves him too(i watch the anime first before i read the spoiler). After seeing Saionji kiss with Ito it makes me want to see Saionji’s character even more than Katsura. And the last thing is thx for blog this one.

  2. Of course these bad endings don’t have to be featured in the anime as well, but through their existence in the original game they create the possibility of similar things to happen in the anime. So one of the interesting aspects of School Days will be to see if that will happen or if it won’t. I don’t know yet if I’ll blog regular about it, the next episodes will tell about that.

  3. i know there is nothing much about the series yet but we need to wait and see.

  4. I think Kai is much better than the first season, although it may not have as much violence, it had a but of a storyline :O
    And it is so addictive!

  5. Hmmm.., the first season had more variety and a “fresher” feeling, but the second one finally answers some questions, so both are quite interesting.

  6. hola a todos este anime esta re bueno!!! se lo recomiendo a todos…. ha y si algien sabe cuando lo pasan en la argentina me lo podria desir a heber_mt@hotmail.com gracias..

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