Murder Princess – 04

July 9, 2007

Shush! There are no 'plotholes'.

Finally Alita gets an suitable enemy. The new bad guys in town already scored some points by doing what had to be done for so long now. Wasn’t as horrible as I wished for, but at least there was a satisfactory amount of blood. However, I’m not wondering anymore how this loser trio could pull off a (nearly) successful coup d’état after having seen them sneak in the royal banquet without even trying to disguise themselves. Okay, such an event doesn’t necessarily need some high security level and a giant with two loli-robots can be overlooked pretty easily, granted. At least the guards didn’t fall for the princess who saved their sorry backsides twice in a row. Each country gets the usurper it deservers I guess.

None the less still a quite enjoyable anime series which gave me some (light) Final Fantasy VII vibes at times.


  1. it is already on my list but im busy with Noein. 😦 maybe it should be next after Noein.

  2. It’s definitely fun and with a total amount of six episodes one can’t go wrong that much.

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