sola – 13

July 4, 2007

As been said, dawn.


So it came to the end with Matsuri and Yorito dying (or fading away if you like) and Aono living on, holding up their memory. Sadly sola couldn’t serve the one last story twist which could have made it a all happy ending (with everybody surviving), but none the less I’d say that it was a good ending for the series. I especially liked how both of them kind of lived on, Matsuri in Aono, who’s behavior in the second half of the episode reminded strongly of Matsuri’s, which makes me think that with the transfer of Matsuri’s life force also (at least part of) the character was transferred and melted with Aono’s, and Yorito in Mana, who took over his love for the sky.

That's all with this sun? Boring...

It was good to see that Aono could manage to live on this time, knowing that she will be always connected to her brother (and Matsuri) through the sky above her. I also liked that Mana and Koyori had their fair share of the aftermath in the second half. While I found her a bit useless at the start, Mana grew to me quickly at the time she proved to be Yorito’s true friend through all the things she did to help him. It’s the same for Koyori, but in a slightly shorter amount because she could never shine like Mana did (maybe she could have if she would have know what was going on). And, of course, I liked that we where treated with one last glimpse on the continual journey of Mayuko and Takeshi, with Takeshi finally stating what had to be stated, thus braking the ice after the sadden resolution of the Matsuri-Aono conflict.

Welcome to the loli-circus!

In conclusion I’d say that sola was quite a nice and interesting anime to watch. It’s not one the best I’ve seen, but it surely is only one step behind them. Lots of plot twists, hints and likeable characters made it a great series to blog and speculate about, the never decreasing animation quality was pure eye candy and the background music was creating some great atmosphere, especially in the later episodes. And while I liked the calm episodes best I can’t name one episode that left me without enjoyment and eager to see the next episode as soon as possible.
And, with so much said, sadly it’s now

After being turned into what they liked the most they live happily ever after.

The End

With the end of the TV-series it’s now a good time to speculate about the two DVD-only episodes that are to follow. One of these episodes will be one the second last DVD, number 4, and the other one on the last DVD, number 5 (thx to Random Curiosity to dig this out). Because it wasn’t shown why Yorito died in the past and how Matsuri and Aono finally split ways I’m pretty sure that the episode on number 4 will be about these bygone events. About the other episode I have no real clue. I don’t think that they will continue the story because, while the two tomato shiruko cans might indicate that Matsuri and Yorito somehow survived in physical form, it would be rather cheesy to just revive them. I can’t think of a good and fitting way to do so without devalueing the ending of the TV-series (which also gave a nice “outro” for all the other characters). So my first guess would be that the last episode will take place sometime in-between, but if they can handle somehow a good and satisfying after-the-end episode (and sola surprised me more than once with its ideas and twists), I’d be more than happy.


Well, that’s it for sola.

For now.


  1. You cant say Sola is a great anime but u cant say a bad or decent anime either, u can say Sola is not a happy ending but u can say Sola is not a sad ending either. For me i would give it 9.5/10. the ending of Sola was the perfect way to end Sola-anime even we know Yorito and Matsuri were disappeared but they done it in a good way after all.

  2. I loved Sola. The ending was bittersweet, which was perfect. The story wasn’t deep on the surface, but it really made me think – especially about sacrifice and loneliness.

    As for the DVD eps, I’m hoping they don’t go with a backstory but instead show things some ways into the future. If they do a backstory, though, I’d like it to be on Matsuri’s past, since she’s the real mystery here.

    I can speculate on ways that Matsuri might have survived, but won’t. No real point to it. Lets just wait for the DVDs and see what they show us. 🙂 More fun that way – and I’m less likely to be wrong! LOL

    Thanks for the great write-ups! Really enjoyed them!

  3. i think there’s no problem with the ending.
    like Siva said, it’s not sad or happy ending. Matsuri and Yorito disappear. it mean Matsuri and Yorito be together until the end. nice ending!

  4. Like I said, the ending was okay, but I would have wished for a better one (don’t know how it could have been achieved though).

    It was my pleasure to blog about sola and thank you for all the inspiring comments!

  5. Definitively a good end, but I feel that still it is left something lost and not necessarily referring to all the characters.
    Particularly, I believe that still they are left many things to explain on Matsuri and that nothing has to do with Aono or Yurito. I hope and the DVD explain them, because for my the main personage continues being a mystery.

  6. according the official website, one of the extra episodes is an onsen episode! and yorito and matsuri are gonna be in it!! i personally am looking forward to that since hot spring animes amuse me and since its sola…!! XD
    i cant wait til they come out! i’ll get it for sure~~! w00 XDDD

  7. Hmmm…, would have wished for episodes with more importance, but amusement should be fine, too.

  8. hola

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