Fate/stay night computer game

July 1, 2007

Talking about free will...

At the moment I’m playing the Fate/stay night game, using the patch of the same translator group that already made one for Shingetsutan Tsukihime (which I still have to play someday…). For now only the Fate route (the one the anime follows) is available, but that’s just a small bummer because it offers lots of extra information that wasn’t featured in the anime. Also the other routes are promised to be translated in the future. So, while quite time consuming it’s a blast so far and I can only advise everybody who liked the anime at least a bit to somehow obtain the original game and patch it.

Oh, and by the way, the screenshot shown above is (obviously) only an April fools joke.



  1. *spoilers*

    lol good job yo.
    I am a fan of Fate/stay night and i know that the game has a lot of detail than the anime but i have heard some detail from the fan that Sakura and Rin r childhood friend but they only talk a little bit in the anime where Rin went to save Sakura from Caster and the big last one is Archer is the future of Shiro. Anyway, i love to say that Saber is the best looking female character in anime with just a simple looking from the head to foot, r u against me with this?

    • helloooooooo!!!!!
      it nice too meet u ,
      you are absolutely that saber is the best looking female character in anime with just a simple looking
      from head to foot ,She very beautiful and graceful
      .she is a brilliant warrior and beautiful girl .
      ok can send me the name of the which u are playing
      .and from where i can get this game. ok bye its nice meet u and take care.

  2. well, good momment. i just had install the game before blogging u 🙂

    it’s more difficult than other game (and i dont have the patch)

    THX 4 the patch! 😀

  3. Well, all thanks to Mirror Moon, I’m just a messenger. I’ve heard that about Archer, too. Don’t know if that gets revealed in the Fate route, I’ll see. And I would never argue against someone who praises Saber. *g*

  4. @saibotlieh : lol, what do u think about Saber?

  5. Can u please give me a Fate/Stay Night Game Download link which can work? Thank you!

  6. @siva: Well, she is a “girl with sword”. Like Sakura (Sakura Wars), Mai (Kanon) and Shana (Shakugan no Shana) to name only a few I just love this kind of character. They are strong and independent characters and I just like the sight of girls/women using these medieval (thus rather unfeminine but elegant) weapons.
    @Lawrence: Sorry, can’t and won’t do so, but you can buy the game following the links on the translator group site.

  7. good

  8. Can anyone help me, where can I find the game??????

  9. On the site of the translator group are links to shops where you can buy the game.

  10. Hello, can you give me Fate/stay night game download link?Thanks. And how many episode are there in fate/stay night?

  11. I think there are three episodes, but I’m not sure. And no, I can’t (and won’t) give you any download link, you’ll have to buy it, sorry.

  12. hey, i just got hold of a copy of the game. but i cant get installation guides. how did you go around it?

  13. I think I just always clicked the buttons on the left. Also you’ll have to do this: http://insani.org/faq.html#4

  14. I think that is a good game

  15. where could i get this game.. iwant to play it because i love fate stay night…

  16. see above

  17. I really really want this game!
    but I don’t know where to buy it
    can anyone tell me pleaseee?
    and is any other game coming out for
    fate/stay night?

  18. i meant can you show me the shop link?
    cuz i cant find it on the site!!!

  19. I don’t know about another game, but the links can be found here:
    I got my copy via ebay, but that took some time of course.

  20. The download is in torrent.. wat do i need to use to download it?

  21. I’m using BitTorrent (http://www.bittorrent.com/download) to download torrents. But any other clients should be fine, too.

  22. wonder wat she ment by put it in???

  23. Er, maybe it helps to know that it’s nothing she says, but a “command” for the guy (who you are controlling in this game). Normally you have a choice between different options, like here: http://mbac.mirrormoon.org/ilya2.jpg (just joking). The rest is pretty straight forward.

  24. Dunno if this is what your looking for but you can get this game in this site “deleted”. BTW this is a torrent so it will take time to download it also it’s size being over 1.5GB also seems to be a bummer hope i helped XD!!

    Edit: Sorry, but no download links please. This would be a direct violation to mirror moon’s disclaimer.

  25. Hey, does anyone know if this game will play on a mac? I’m totally willing to buy it and use the patch, but if it’s not compatible with my mac, it’s kind of useless to me. I’m debating whether to buy the PS2 version and the modifications so I can play it on my PS2 or to buy the PC game and download the patch…I think the PC game would be more economical, but only if I can get it to work. 😛

  26. Sorry, haven’t used a Mac in my Life, but I hope the mirror moon forum will help you.

  27. Этто… А может кто-нибудь хоть что-нибудь по-русски скажет? Аниме мне понравилось, а в игру я не играл 😦

  28. Where do you get the game? Or Where Do you get it?

  29. I mean, I know where to get the patch, but how about the program itself?

  30. Quoting myself from above:


    I got my copy via ebay, but that took some time of course.

  31. Can anyone tell me how to get to Unlimited blade works scenario? Cuz i tried and follow the flow chart it’s still in the fate scenario

  32. After having finished the Fate scenario reject Rins offer to work together. That should trigger the Unlimited Blade scenario. If this doesn’t help try the forum on the mirror moon site.

  33. where can i get the game?
    can i have the links plsss…..
    just want to play it… T.T

  34. JESUS CHRIST!!! it costs 90 USD just to get the game. isn’t that slightly…outrageous? Even the best games here don’t even cost that much

  35. Can’t argue about that. I always wonder why does games are that expensive, maybe the Japanese have much more money to spend on games…

  36. They cost more on ebay and such for US because they are fucking imports….

  37. Where can I download this game for free? Pls tell meee!! I want this game really badly >//<

  38. What is this game like? I love Fate stay night 🙂

  39. can i download it free???


    Pls. . .

  40. does anyone have an info where i can watch project arms season 2 in the net?

  41. koko koko

  42. Thanks for the intriguing read! Alright playtime is over and back to school work.

  43. I do not believe that is expensive. Its a good game joust go and buy it!

  44. It will be worth it you will see

  45. “Сделано на совесть, значит на века” – респект. А эт слова центра)))

  46. EHM WHERE THE PACH !!!!!!

  47. I admire anything have done story. I love the portion somewhere you say you are doing this to give back again but I would assume by all of the comments that this is working for you as well.

  48. i like computer games that are first person shooting and strategy games .

  49. i like the saber doing the spussy stragety for the life man the sense for skin u sure like way is a women.

  50. body painting on women photos,

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