sola – 12

June 27, 2007

Close combat

The end of the road.

Finally we are shown what Matsuri is capable of if she gets serious. Her battle with Aono (respectively her paper alter egos) was just splendid to watch and while Aono seemed to outmatch her in the most situations she still hold her ground. The background music was again quite fitting and added well to the atmosphere. Sadly they relocated the fight, so there was no opportunity for Kaori to show up (by the way, I surely hope Aono thought about her at the time she de-assembled her house). I also liked the way they constantly switched from past to present, this way they could tell about the background of the conflict and put more tension in the battle itself at the same time. I was a bit surprised how the past Aono differs from the present one in character (and talkatively). Well, what happened to her was harsh enough to change her in some way I guess.

While Matsuri has the better battle-poses...

Interesting to note is that Matsuri couldn’t tell Yorito how it feels like to die. This means that she didn’t became a yaka through resurrection like Aono. I’m pretty curious about her origin now, but I guess this won’t be featured in the final episode, there should be more important thing to fit in the last 25 minutes after all. But maybe one of the extra episodes might tell about this. Also I wonder how many other yakas are out there. I can’t believe that Matsuri alone could (and would) have made (at least) one village believe that yakas are fearsome beings that are to be calmed by human sacrifices. Equally we still don’t know about the yaka that revived Mayuko. Aono is still a possibility, but to be sure about that we’ll have to see about what (and if) they talked at the time they met.

...Aono definitely has more oomph.

The ending of the episode, while not too surprising for me because I already found the change in Matsuri’s and Yorito’s character too drastic to allow them to coldheartedly plot the killing of Aono, was pretty shocking. From Yorito’s reaction (respectively the missing of any) to Matsuri’s sacrifice this must be what they’ve planned all the way and it wasn’t a sudden change of mind by her because of the blue sky that was displayed on the projection screen. But I’m still unsure what they are trying to achieve this way. Aono clearly stated that she can’t and won’t live without Yorito by her side. By turning her back human they will take away her ability to keep the present Yorito alive, thus taking away her sole reason to live and only forcing her to repeat her suicide. I hope they have something planned to help Aono living on, otherwise it would have been gentler to kill her right away I’d say.

Where is Yuuichi when you really need him!?

On the other hand we haven’t seen yet that Matsuri really used that katana to “heal” Aono, so maybe sola is still good for another surprise in its final episode. Of course a tragic ending would have a much greater emotional impact, but because I liked the first few rather calm and peaceful episodes best (not that the later ones weren’t great, too, but these first ones were sooo nice to watch) I’d prefer some happy ending this time.


  1. I’m all for the happy ending myself. All I can say is that I’ve been surprised at just about every episode of Sola, so the ending is likely to be one more surprise.

    I don’t think Aono or Matsuri had anything to do with Mayuko given Mayuko’s reaction to seeing Aono at the end of the first fight in the train yard. She specifically asks Aono “who are you”, which implies she didn’t know her. Later she talks about Aono and Yorito as though they were strangers when discussing them with Matsuri.

    It’s possible that Mayuko was made a yaka by Matsuri, actually. I’d give it about a 20% chance of being true. We never really see either of them discuss Mayuko’s backstory, yet Mayuko and Takaski have been interested in Matsuri from the beginning. All three of them got along a lot quicker than I would have expected total strangers to do, too. But I still think it’s more likely some other random yaka made Mayuko into a yaka.

    Speaking of Mayuko and Takashi, it’s looking like they’ll be instrumental in the last episode given how Mayuko, in her typical understated way, told Takashi she wants to go back and help. Takashi comments how it will all be over by the time they get back, which seems to be the case as of the end of episode 12.

    I agree with you that Matsuri seems to be a “real” yaka and not a created one like Aono or Mayuko. Given how tough she is, she might survive the sword impaling. In fact, it made me wonder if she wasn’t returning Aono’s blood to her – the blood she sucked from Aono’s neck wound so many years ago. However, she certainly doesn’t seem to think she’ll survive this, so I’m not sure what’s going to happen.

    BTW, I thought the same thing you did about Kaori… 🙂

    Sigh. I can’t wait for the next episode. I’m dreading it, too.

  2. One other quick comment – Sola is an interesting story in that everyone is fighting to be less lonely, yet everyone is trying to sacrifice new friendships in an attempt to drive away the loneliness. In fact, loneliness and sacrifice seem to be primary themes here.

    Only two people seems to have figured out the idiocy of using a sacrifice to cure loneliness: Mayuko and Mana. Mayuko is obvious with her speech to Takashi, but Mana also really tried to tell Yorito he had friends when he implied that it was better if he didn’t exist.

    Now that I’m seeing these themes clearer, I’m now even more curious and unsure how the story will end. It’s a good story that keeps you on your toes till the end!

  3. I sure hope that Matsuri can survive somehow , but there will be still the problem with Yorito if Aono is turned human again.
    About the “Who are you” from Mayuko, I think that this might be only her first reaction. After all, it was dark and she hasn’t seen Aono for 17 years (if she was her “creator”). But granted, this is a bit thin, so it might be a random yaka after all.
    I think it’s a bit late now for Mayuko to turn back and help Matsuri, but maybe they appear some time later to help with some new situation.
    And I really like your comment about the “sacrifices against loneliness”, it fits quite well I think.

  4. I think the conflict of Sola is quite complicate and it is really hard to predict what is goin to happened next. But i would say the reason we cant guess that Matsuri is going to die or not because of they still kept the secrets hide from us, we dont know how Matsuri and Aono got separated after Aono became the Yaka, and who is the one that turn Mayuko to Yaka.
    There r some big problems that i was wonder, why Matsuri stabbed herself after seeing the blue sky? and Is she going to turn Aono to human by doing that? What is the real reason for her to fight against Aono? or all of what i was thinking r in wrong direction?

  5. Yeah, there are much questions left so far, but I don’t think that Matsuri stabbed herself because of the blue sky, it was her plan (together with Yorito) to turn Aono back human from the beginning.

  6. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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