Dennou Coil

June 25, 2007

Yūko Amasawa

Dennou Coil is a very interesting anime with quite an unique story settled in a not so far future. The internet has developed into a virtual reality overlay of the real world. It’s used to make walls and floors look better and cleaner, virtual pets and toys are available. To see and interact with this virtual world special eyeglasses are necessary but also not very expensive, so almost everybody owns one. But like the internet today there are bugs, cheats, viruses and tools deployed and exploit by talented hackers to bend the system at their will, as long as they are better than the counter-measurements, implied to protect and maintain the virtual world, and, of course, other hackers who aim for the same goal.
This combination of real and virtual reality is pretty compelling and serves for many spectacular effects. At first the character design and artwork felt a bit strange, but combined with the excellent animation quality it soon deploys its own beauty. Rounded off with it’s likeable set of characters (mostly school kids btw) this anime just gets better and better with each episode.

Okay, I still don’t like the dog, but hey, nothing is perfect.


  1. This is the only anime I’m watching seriously for the 2007 spring (or was it summer?) anime season.

  2. I think it belongs to the spring season. It’s a really good choice to watch I agree.

  3. I just started watching this and so far have really enjoy it. I have found it very interesting, and in some ways very unqiue. My feelings about the character designs were a bit mixed, I liked the style for the older kids (something reminded me of Haibane Renmei, I’m not sure if it was the softer style of drawing or just the voices as some of the seiyuu are the same) but not so much the younger, and certainly not the dog. I still dislike the dog quite a bit but have gotten used to it.

  4. So… now that it’s over… do you still hate the dog?

  5. Hehe, an interesting question. Well, I still don’t like him, but accept him to be of importance to the story I guess.

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