sola – 11

June 19, 2007



Slowly the end draws near and the protagonists leave the stage one after another, so this was a quite sad episode. Mayuko and Takeshi are gone for good now I think, but with Koyori sleeping at the place where the showdown is supposed to happen I don’t know if this is the last thing we saw of her and Mana. Speaking of Mana, it was pretty clear that this episode was dedicated to her, as she was the person who was acting the most and who got the most screentime. And she really deserved this, because her role in this story was (and maybe still is) much more than just being the cute friend from school of the male protagonist. In the end she did more to reunite Matsuri and Yorito than those two did themselves. She collected information and combined them, retrieved and sheltered Yorito, did most of the running and helped everywhere she could. It’s only fair that she, as such a good friend, is one of the last to remember Yorito and to cry for him even after she forgot about him.

I feel sick

Koyori on the other hand could never be for Aono what Mana was for Matsuri, although she tried her best. Unfortunately she just never got to know what was actually going on.
I’m now quite curious what Matsuri and Yorito are planning to do. It still looks like Matsuri is going to kill Aono with the katana she got from Takeshi, but this just so contradictive to her usual pattern that I can’t completely believe it. Also it seems too cruel for Yorito to lure Aono in safety only to give the laid trap a better chance to succeed. Furthermore Mayuko was talking about a sacrifice, similar to the one Matsuri should have been as Takeshi had planned. Matsuri would never kill Aono just to to live happily with Yorito and Yorito wouldn’t accept this either. Beside she offered Yorito to vanish together. The only alternative I see is that she might want to kill herself to give Aono back her human life. Thus Aono wouldn’t be able to keep Yorito alive any longer and he and Matsuri could vanish together. But then again, Aono doesn’t want to live in a world without Yorito as we know and in order to kill oneself Matsuri wouldn’t have to learn how to use that katana. Questions, questions, questions…

I think we should talk.

As a sidenote, I really liked the music in that last scene, it fit the atmosphere pretty well. If I remember correctly there should be 13 episodes altogether (+2 episodes on the DVDs), so I guess the next episode will be dedicated to the past of Matsuri and Aono (and Yorito). The final episode then should feature the conclusion of the story, however this conclusion will look like.


  1. This is all very, very interesting. I’ll make one observation about how things will turn out – it will be different than we currently think. So far this show has consistently surprised me with its depths and plot twists.

    A couple of observations here. Given how Yorito shook off his forgetfulness of stabbing Matsuri, it’s quite possible Mana will as well, given Koyori being over with Aono right now. Also Koyori will remember her oragami, which may lead her back to Aono even if she’s forgotten other things.

    I’ll be more than a bit surprised if Mayuko and Takeshi are gone for good, too. It will take time for them to get out of the way, and I suspect they’ll get pulled back in somehow.

    I’m mostly expecting the “ending” in two eps to be more of a beginning than an ending, given the two additional DVD eps. Not exactly sure what they have in mind, but if they are thinking sales of the DVD, they have to make it interesting. Frankly, I can easily see enough complications to keep it going four more eps.

    One final note: “The best plans of mice, men, and yaka oft go awry”. A slight modification of a John Steinbeck quote. So far, every plan that someone has made has broken down. I see the trend continuing with Yorito and Matsuri…

  2. i just review ep.10 and now ep.11? OMG~

  3. I’m not sure about Mayuko and Takeshi, but Mana and Koyori definitely might take part in the last two episodes. I also think that Aono won’t give up this easily and will interfere in the plan of Matsuri and Yorito somehow.
    About the two DVD episodes, there are many thing they could be about: They could be about the past of the protagonists, about their future, they could be settled somewhere inbetween, they could be “from the eyes” of one of the side characters or or or…
    I just hope that they’ll make some proper ending in episode 13. It would be pretty cheap to force the viewers to buy the DVDs just to be able to see the conclusion in ep 14 or 15, but I’m pretty sure they won’t do anything like this.

  4. I think they will give a conclusion in the 13th ep. My current guess (hope?) is that the DVD eps will give a bit of the further adventures/interactions between the characters after the 13th ep. I’m halfway expecting the 13th ep to be one of those “one door closes, another door opens” ep, which will make us all curious about how everyone handles the new situation(s).

    I’m with you, saibotlieh, in hoping that the 13th ep doesn’t end in a cliffhanger. That just seems wrong.

  5. maybe that the DVD is another story beside the TV series…

  6. I like the “one door closes, another door opens” option, but I don’t know if two episodes would be enough then. There is also the question on which DVDs these episodes will be. If they don’t put them on the last one it would be a bit strange if they feature events that happen after episodes on future DVDs, so my guess is that at least one of these episodes is an in-between one.
    Well, pretty everything is fine with me as long as the main characters are featured adequately.

  7. Its been a while since i havent reply that much.
    We knew that Mayuko has mention that Matsuri is going to be sacrificed, but i have no idea what is the meaning behind this at all, because Yorito say he want to make Aono happy and leave the city and let’s do everything over from the beginning, and Yorito promised Matsuri that they r going to be disappeared. And the biggest point in the story is Yorito is not going to disappeared again and follow with Matsuri is not going to be sacrificed and Aono is not going be killed either.

    None of us can say what is going to be like or what is going to happened in the last 2 OVA, unless after we know what the ending was like first.

  8. Yup, and that’s a pretty nice thing I’d say.

  9. lol right now i might have the idea of what the 2 OVA and the ending of sola will look like.
    I would say that the ending of sola will be the conclusion between the 3 of them getting solve. And the 2 OVA ^_^ if u guy still remember it then u would say “Oh, yeah” and i would say that the 2 OVA could be about the person who turned Matsuri and Mayuko to Yaka. i would say it is a important plot too for Sola but they might want to keep it for OVA instead of revealed it in Anime.

  10. Thought as much, too. If they don’t tell anymore about the past in the last two episodes I’m pretty sure they will do so in one or both of the OVAs.

  11. hmmmm what i think of this that this story is one big blow on people who want to experience love for the first
    time. Actually this is one of the anime without any trace of pornography hehehe. I really hope there’s an OVA
    of SoLa Cause it realy makes a very good impression to people who love to dream about someone and it also gives
    you the beauty of skies and other cultures in japan which was shown in the series. I hope SOLA would have an
    OVA or even a second series…… Cause people here in the Philippines like the whole series. That is all 🙂

    PS. I really hope there’s an OVA or a second series

  12. GDdkbO comment1 ,

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