sola – 10

June 15, 2007

We don't buy at the door!

Light and shadow.

Finally Yorito’s true nature is revealed and while it was quite obviously for some time now that he is no normal human it’s quite a shock that he is “just” made out of paper, merely a big origami from his sister. Now it makes sense how Aono could mind-control him at the time she made him stab Matsuri, but I wonder why she didn’t do so again this episode. Also I wonder which way she inserted Yorito’s character (name it soul if you like) in the body she created. In any case she seems not to had full control of how he would be like, because he got these buried memories and the same urge to help Matsuri once he met her. But maybe these things are necessary for her Yorito to be like the Yorito of the past. Matsuri’s way to let him know of his situation was a rather cruel one, after all he already knew that something wasn’t right with him and maybe just telling him would have been enough.


Then again, this way was much more convincing I guess, otherwise there could always have been some disbelieving left. I really liked how she afterwards rebuild some of his self-esteem by comforting him with the fact that he isn’t just a copy of the past Yorito but a unique personality that is able to make his own decisions, actions, mistakes and successes. Because of this she doesn’t even try to compare him to the past one, he isn’t better or worse than that one was, just different. And while being artificial doesn’t hinder him to be self-conscious it’s clear that he can’t really exist this way, being a wish giving form by his sister. So she offers him (and herself) to vanish together.

A good way to build up one's self-esteem.

But the only one who could cease his existence is Aono, and since she would never do such a thing voluntarily, Matsuri is now determined to take the life she once created and give peace to all three of them. At least I think this is the meaning of her wish to learn how to use the anti-yaka katana from Takeshi at the end of the episode. Speaking of him, I’m glad that he and Mayuko are still part of the story without being utterly useless. Mana also does her best to help Yorito and is even successful in doing so, this time with letting him know that Aono is a yaka and bringing him and Matsuri together again.

Sorry, but you are way to old for me.

Only little Koyori still can’t achieve anything, after all she is trying to lute things that can’t be repaired anymore. But this way Aono has at least one person left who is also on her “side”. And Koyori still has a purpose she serves well.


And, of course, I had a good laugh at this time’s “preview”.

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  1. nice… altough I didnt watch it because my “anime server” down 😦

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