Murder Princess – 03

June 10, 2007

Good morning sunshine!

While definitely flawed in some ways Murder Princess is still pretty enjoyable. The relationship between Milano and Alita is interesting and it’s nice to see that Alita’s companions are getting some character development one their own instead of just being the battle sidekicks. Also I like how the memory of the original Milano is still present in the story, although it was used for a rather plain reason for some unpleasantness between the two heroines. What I found a bit strange later on was that the prince wasn’t surprised at all about his formerly peaceful but now katana-wielding and bloodstained sister (sadly without a ripped dress this time). Well, he is quite fishy anyway, it’s rather obviously that he and the new villain(s) are somehow connected. This leads me to my biggest complain: Why is this wanna-be Dr. Evil and his two robotic killerlolis still not dead yet? Now that finally some really villains are present these three are even more dispensable than before and there was such a good opportunity to get rid of them, too. My greatest fear now is that some or all of them might team up with Alita in the end.

Hopefully they’ll die some horrible deads next time instead.

One comment

  1. I was planning to book this one to my list. Anyway we will see how am i interesting in it.

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