sola – 09

June 7, 2007

Being a pacifist just sucks!

Where push comes to shove.

Poor Matsuri must feel like a punching bag lately after getting beaten up so badly twice this episode. Both battles were pretty nice to watch none the less and Aono’s paper-attacks reminded me of the good old Read or Die times (OVA > series btw). It’s a bit sad that most of Takeshi’s and Mayuko’s tale could be told in only half an episode, it makes their (quite touching) story feel a bit rushed after all this time. Hopefully there will be a bit more of them to see in the remaining episodes so that they don’t become a merely side note in the raging conflict between Matsuri and Aono.

No! I'll never ever become a lolicon!

Mana again had a small, but strong part by sheltering Yorito and sending the much stronger (but now also a bit insecure) Aono off. Only little Koyori doesn’t have a clue yet why everything falls apart around her and her helpless effort to get everything straight again is quite heart-rendering.

Episode 9 questions:

– Why did Aono see a younger version of herself at the time she tried to give Matsuri the finishing stroke? Did she defend Matsuri in a similar way when she was that age? Was she very important to her at that time? Or was it just to display her other self who was still somehow caring for Matsuri?

Where do all these origami sheets come from?

– It seems like Matsuri wasn’t the one who turned Mayuko into a yaka, otherwise at least one of them should have shown some kind of recognition I think. Was it Aono after all? Mayuko asked “Who are you?” when she spotted Aono, but we didn’t see what happened next, maybe they recognized each other after that.

– Did Yorito collapse because of an aftereffect from Aono’s brainwashing or was it because of some memories from his past life? The crushed train wagons might have brought up the memories of the collapsed house shown in one of Aono’s flashbacks.

My brain hurts!

– Now we know why Takeshi wanted to find (and kill) Matsuri. I’m still unsure if he was especially searching for Matsuri or if any Yaka would have been fine. Also I wonder why Mayuko was searching, was it for the same reason Takeshi had and she just changed her mind about killing Matsuri or did she just not know what price there was to pay (after all, Takeshi hid his katana from her in the first episode and she asked him if he had talked to the yaka yet)? Or was she just tagging along, hoping that Takeshi would never be successful?

The Old Man and the Loli

Well, hopefully next episode Matsuri will have again some chances to do more than getting beaten up (she is quite adorable in a rain coat, too btw) and maybe, just maybe there will be some Kayori-chopping again…

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