My Wallpapers 29

June 1, 2007

Princess Nine

Princess Nine was quite enjoyable at the time I watched it. Maybe today it might feel a bit archaic, it’s almost 10 years old after all. However it’s one of the few sport themed animes if watched (and liked), which makes it somehow special. The usage of technical terms is kept mostly at bay (which was good for me because I just don’t know anything about baseball) and beside the games there is more than enough time for drama and romance. A bit sad is that one half of the characters don’t get much screentime beside their introduction episode, but this also frees time for the other and (in my opinion) more interesting characters. Normally I’d say that they shouldn’t have introduced these side characters at all, but a baseball team just needs a certain amount of players so they had no other choice I guess. My favorite of the girls is the one that can be seen in the wallpaper. Her name is Yuki (5th batter, left fielder). At first she is rather pale and at times a little bit annoying, but at a certain time in the anime she goes through a lot of character developing that makes her quite interesting.

And she owns most of the other girls.

Picture Source: unknown


  1. picture source: unknown ?????

  2. Yup, I thought that I’ll put up my source for each wallpaper from now on, but for this one I just don’t know where I found it.

  3. Have not heard of this anime but the image is nice. Yeah yuki owns the other girls ^^

  4. is this old anime?

  5. Yup, it’s from 1998.

  6. Fifi-Power! Princess Nine is an enjoyable anime.

    Thanks for the beautiful wallpaper (a small treat that concludes my Princess Nine viewing marathon).

    mc (nene went boom)

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