sola – 08

May 30, 2007

Here comes the sun

Open war.

Wow, things really start rolling in this episode, pretty neat. It has become quite clear now that Aono is indeed able to mess with Yorito’s mind, but it looks like her forces are not sufficient enough to oppress Yorito’s bond with Matsuri (or she didn’t use her full potential in order to minimize possible damage). His flashbacks and the really startling dream are a clear indicator and after Mana’s one-hand applaud (it’s good to see that she finally gets something important to do) he seems to have recovered completely.

Take That... not together... anymore?!?

It’s somehow ironic that Aono eventually triggers Mana’s engagement through her aggressive and paranoiac behavior she shows to keep her away. I think she is already desperate at that time because she finds no way to prevent Yorito’s re-remembering of the events from that night and just doesn’t know what to do. Seems like her plan at the end of the episode is to kill Matsuri and start somewhere else anew after brainwashing Yorito again.

Huh? Is it that time of the year again?

I’m now again a bit unsure what their relationship in the past was like. From Matsuri’s reaction in episode 6 I thought that they weren’t siblings, but in the flashback Aono had this episode they really looked like brother and sister. But then again Aono is clinging way too much to Yorito for siblings. In any case, he must have been very importent to her in the past and is still in the present. The picture of the collapsed house is most likely linked to Yorito’s dead, how and why it collapsed is the next question now.

And there where only two rentainges left...

Maybe now is a good time to remember of some other (mostly minor) unsolved mysteries so far:

– Still unknown is how Matsuri got the picture of the (now demolished) church and why she lived there in the first place.

– Why was Koyori in the hospital and why is she this polite? (I think we’ll never know, but a man can dream…)

– Why does Takeshi (who is pretty useless of lately) wants to kill Matsuri while Mayuko apparently doesn’t want to do so? What does she want from her anyway? Why don’t they have much time left?

– What’s the deal with all these odd dolls?

Well, with the end of this episode one can expect some major events happening next episode.

Let Mortal Kombat begin!

On the other hand, maybe Yorito screws this up by arriving way too soon. We’ll see…


  1. > Why does Takeshi (who is pretty useless of lately) wants to kill Matsuri

    Takeshi doesn’t want to kill Matsuri. He wants to kill the Yaka who 17 years ago attacked/saved/cured/yaka-ized Mayuko. He asked Matsuri to confirm she was that Yaka. When Matsuri didn’t say anything, only then he attacked her. But it could have been Aono in that scene 17 years ago. If Takeshi happens to see Matsuri and Aono together, I wonder if he will attack both, or realize that he may have been going after the wrong Yaka.

  2. That would make sense, he wants to kill that yaka while Mayuko wants to meet her. But when did Takeshi ask Matsuri about it? I just can’t recall it (and didn’t find it after a quick search).

  3. Ah, sorry. It’s in the manga, at the very start of the second episode. During the confrontation in the old church, just before he starts seriously throwing things at Matsuri.

  4. there is something between Takeshi n Mayuko….

  5. It still doesn’t make any senses to me, why he wants to kill the yaka who is the one that save Mayuko became yaka and the one that Mayuko wants to met her?
    I think u guy forget some questions, How is Matsuri became a yaka and in the past how r the 3 of them knowing each other if we knew that Yorito and Aono knew that Matsuri is a yaka? and we know y Matsuri save Aono but y Matsuri didnt save Yorito too?

  6. Yaka? i think Mayuko is already Yaka.

  7. Oh, well, didn’t read the manga (yet), so that explains my fruitless search. *g* I think the problem with Takeshi and Mayuko is that we didn’t get enough information about them yet to be able to make good speculations about their motivations. So far I’d say that Takeshi wants to kill the yaka who revived Mayuko because he thinks that becoming a yaka was more bad than good for her (and him). After all, while he grows older and his body develops and might die someday Mayuko is “trapped” in that childish body of hers. Mayuko on the other hand just wants to meet her “parent” I’d guess. But why they don’t have much time left or if there are other reasons for meeting Matsuri (or Aono) I just don’t know. Heck, maybe they are even not searching for a specific yaka to differ the anime story from the manga one.
    How Matsuri, Aono and Yorito met in the past and how Matsuri became a yaka might be the topic of another episode. I could imagine that the two special episodes that are planned to be only on the DVD release might feature this part of the story. Why Matsuri revived only Aono and not Yorito? My first guess would be that Yorito’s body was crushed to much at the time their house collapsed.

  8. lol saibotlieh, “My first guess would be that Yorito’s body was crushed to much at the time their house collapsed.” do u noticed there r only female Yaka?

  9. Indeed, there are only female yaka so far, but concluding that there are no male ones at all from seeing only these three is a bit farfetched I’d say (especially when you remember that in anime most of the time more females than males are displayed). None the less you have a point and might be right in the end. My “first guess” was just the first thought that came to my mind at that time.

  10. I thought there r some reasons that we should be able to know them soon is, how is Matsuri became a Yaka and How did Matsuri resurrected Aono and became a Yaka?
    lol what do u think , Will we get to know about Yaka thing or Yorito’s story first?

  11. maybe there is second season that explain that… 🙂

  12. Well, I think time will tell about that.

  13. Hey saibotlieh, y dont u post a blog about Claymore too?

  14. Well, I have only so much time I’m able (and willing) to spend on blogging and that time is wholly consumed by three posts a week, one for sola, one for the wallpapers and one for random/different things. Sometimes I feel like posting more, sometimes less, but there is not enough time for another series.

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