sola – 07

May 26, 2007

One Dress to rule them all, One Dress to find them, One Dress to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them

Dressed for the moment.

Although not much is happening in this episode (except for the end of course) it’s nonetheless quite interesting. It has become clear now that Aono doesn’t want Matsuri around her and Yorito. At first glance one could think that it’s because of jealousy, but I think it’s more because she fears that what happened in the past might repeat itself in the present and could take her beloved Yorito away from her again. If her motivation would be jealousy I think she wouldn’t support the relationship to Mana this much, because that girl could easily become another rival for Yorito’s love, too. Also I still believe that she has given Yorito the memories of her being his sister and that would be more than counterproductively if she would aim for a liaison with him. Still she enjoys the time she can spend with him together and wants to leave her best impression, as can be seen in the time she spends on her outfit and hairstyle (this looks pretty cute by the way).


Of course the end was quite shocking. Because of similar eye-change (and the lack of real alternatives) I’d guess that Aono mind-controlled her “brother” here and chose to stab Matsumi through him. This might be the only way left she has seen in order to prevent the bad things that might happen when Yorito tries to help Matsuri. Still a very cruel way to handle things. But because this is just the seventh episode (and luckily not the eighth one) I’m sure that this is not the end for Matsuri , although her outfit might suffer from it. Also interesting to see was that Mayuko now lives with her, which pretty much proves that Takeshi is the only one of them both who wants to kill Matsuri while Mayuko seems to had other reasons to search for her.

Let's remember them this way...

This time there where not much facts to gather, the only real notable detail for me would be that Yorito got uncertain at the time he tried to remember the times he spend with Aono before she was hospitalized. Notable for me, because it supports my theory.

And for the end, because I found no other way to put it in my post, this:

Rain has its positive aspects I've to admit.

(Quite enjoyed to do these again after some while)


  1. sry if i spoiled u anything but i just finished ep8.
    but i dont really want to post the spoiler in ep8. but if u want it then reply me :).
    what i want to post about in ep8 is that u got some point wrong.

  2. I think I know what you mean, but please be patient. Hopefully I can put up a post about episode 8 tomorrow.

  3. me too 🙂

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