sola – 06

May 20, 2007

Quick, this train is already rented for the daytime!

Riding trains like it’s 1995.

And there I thought everything would change, but with such an easy-going Mana (“You’re the shadow that flaps in the night? No problem, I like you and nobody is perfect.”) and a lightly, yet heavily wounded Takeshi nothing needs to change at all. Won’t complain, because the way things are is quite fine, just wanted to point out that this series surprises me again and again. Needless to say everything about Aono shown in this episode was very surprising, too.

Y-You like me?? I-I wasn't prepared for this...

Things learnt this time:

– The mysterious person from the start of the first episode is in fact Yorito (respectively a former incarnation). Waiting for him in the cave were Matsuri and Aono. Yorito already tried to help Matsuri at that time.

– After she tried to kill herself Aono was made a Yaka by Matsuri in the past. Reason for this suicide was that Aono “don’t wants to live in a world where there’s no Yorito.” The whole scenario reminds of Takeshi’s flashback, so there might have happened something similar to Mayuko.

See, I told you that my lolicon ways can't be cured.

– One of Aono’s powers is to animate her origami pieces through her blood.

– Matsuri is surprised that Aono and Yorito are now sister and brother.

– Aono is hospitalized for 3 month now because she overused her powers that time. Now she finally regained these powers.

– Aono isn’t startled by Matsuri’s behavior like the others are. She seems to be used to it.

You and Mana?? But why???

What I make out of the story so far (everything speculative of course):

Yorito already tried to help Mutsumi in the past. At that time he was together with Aono (or at least she was strongly emotional bonded to him). Shortly before he succeeded in his quest something happened to him which most likely resulted in his death. Aono didn’t wanted to live on without him and attempted suicide. Mutsumi then revived her, either because she thought that Aono had chosen wrong or because she couldn’t stand the situation alone. Together they “lived” on, but eventually lost contact to each other.

Damn, they're vampires after all!

17 years ago at least one of them stumbled across Mayuko and Takeshi. What exactly happened is unknown so far, but it resulted in reviving Mayuko as a Yaka. Takeshi, at first thankful, soon realized the drawbacks of this. He then developed hate for the Yakas (this one is heavily speculative and is in contradiction to things I stated in previous posts).

About 3 months ago Aono finally found a way to resurrect her beloved Yorito. Maybe intentionally he lost his memory in the process and Aono gave him the fake memories of her being his older sister and their dead parents. She also bought a house in a region where they were unknown. This all took much of her energy and she ended in hospital. Here she meets Koyori while Yorito gets to know Mana in the school he attends. While Yorito can’t remember anything about his past life he is still strongly attracted by the sky at day because of the promise he had given to Matsuri in the past.

Then, some fine morning, he meets Matsuri again…

We can still make out if you like...

And now for something completely different:



  1. You are doing a great job blogging this. I’m really, really happy with this series. I saw one of the torrents say “a plot so thick you can cut it with a knife”. I think that’s an understatement – I’m not sure a knife could cut through this plot right now. Every episode seems to have that “WOW! I didn’t see that coming…”, and everything we learn just seems to deepen the mysteries.

    Thanks again for the blogging! This show is a cool one to follow. Heck, you need a blog so you can keep track of all the little things as they turn into BIG things later.


  2. It’s my pleasure. That’s a good way to describe this series and you are right, it really helps to blog about it to spot the minor things and to remember them later.

  3. WoW , you are really good at describe and make out of the story, I was shock when i first read ur make-out. I really dont have the ability to do the same thing like you. I just finished sola ep7 🙂 and it was an interesting ending.

  4. Don’t be too shocked, after all it’s a wild guess and most of it might turn out just wrong. Sola is quite unpredictable so far, and the end of episode 7 is no exception of this. Hope to find some time to blog about it soon (damn you, other-things-to-do!).

  5. the only thing u make really me shocked is the thing that u guessed about Mayuko and Takeshi, that was a reasonable, but maybe i just too careless about those 2 thats y i cant see their connection.

  6. fiuh, i dont have time to post about episode 7.

    Matsuri’s screenshot 🙂

    i’ve a blog in wordpress.com too. how about place ‘our’ blog in ‘our’ blogroll? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. I’d be glad to, but well, I don’t understand the language you are blogging in.

  8. i’m indonesian 🙂
    but you can speak english to me 🙂

  9. First time I’ve seen an indonesian blog, pretty neat. *g* But I still can’t understand anything of it and because the sites in my blogroll are sites I visit regularly I just can’t add your blog. I’m really sorry for that.

  10. that’s OK.

  11. “Riding trains like it’s 1995.”

    Are you talking about Neon Genesis Evangelion.
    Haha if you were I found that pretty amusing.
    I didn’t get it at first, but then I remembered thats around the time they made Evangelion.

  12. Hehe, nice to see that the reverence wasn’t too far fetched. Glad you liked it.

  13. I really like this, even though i havnt seen this episode or this show for that matter. For some reason , I just really like it !!!! I think Matsuri likes Yorito( or begins to ) just because he saved her and they had some immediate connection to each other..( im no love expert

  14. Well, you really should watch the show then. It’s great.

  15. อืม สวด ยอด…(*o*)….โหดน่ะเรา อ่ะ ฮิ~ๆฮิ~ๆ

  16. e, se fosse um pouco mais tragico

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