My Wallpapers 27

May 17, 2007

Mai Kawasumi

Hmm…, Mai Kawasumi from Kanon. I’ve used this wallpaper already before the new version of Kanon aired, so it’s artwork is definitely either from the 2002 version or from the game. I would bet on the later one, but am not sure. I’ve found the 2002 version to be rather mediocre (but still enjoy- and watchable enough to add its wallpaper to my list) and thus I was doubtful about the need of its new incarnation 2006 at that time. Well, in the end it was a clear win for me, so I think they have chosen… wisely. Mai is, quite easily to guess, my favorite character in both versions. And btw she is (supposed to be) exactly one year younger than me.


  1. i like the wallpaper it does her justice. i liked the series and how they went about things. also just wanted to say thanks. this site has helped me broaden my opinion on anime.

  2. good choice, saibotlieh, as usual

  3. do you have some wallpaer of Sola?
    i only have a little in my blog


  4. @Jaliko: Thx, you’re welcome.

    @drake byte: You’re welcome, too. *g* I’ve trouble opening your wallpapers, but what I’ve seen so far from them looks quite nice. As soon as I’ve some of my own I’ll post them.

  5. =)
    It´s awsome

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