Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo

May 14, 2007

 Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo

Because of time shortage straight to the point:

If you like animes: Watch it!

If you don’t: Watch it!

If neither of the above applies: Watch it!

And on a personal note, the trio around Kaho is pure gold.


  1. Hello!

    Last Friday I came upon your blog and I enjoy it quite a bit. I now even have some of your wallpapers that you made.

    The reason why I like your blog is because I am learning about new anime that I was not aware of. It is difficult to find the time to find new anime, but your site has changed that for me! ^_^ Thank you for your time you spend watching and reviewing anime and keep up the excellent work!

  2. Thx, I appreciate this and am glad that I can be of help. Oh, and just to be sure (because I don’t want to adorn myself with borrowed plumes), the only wallpapers shown here that are made by me are the ones where I explicitly state that I made them. The rest are only used by me.

  3. Hello!

    i like your post about Toki wo kareru shoujo.
    how about the pictutre or snapshot?
    i want to see it 🙂

  4. oh, thx for the link 🙂

  5. Hopefully you can expand on what makes it awesome to you. 😛

  6. Damn, I intended not to, but now that you push me to it… Well, I really like the plot twists and how the time travelling fits in Makoto’s daily life. The artwork might not be the best I’ve seen, but it’s still great and goes well with the characters and their emotions. All the characters (major and minor) are likeable to the max and the use of classic themes as background music is one of the things I enjoy very much within animes. But what this movie makes a real great one for me are the small things. The moment when Makoto and her sister started waving or when Kousuke gets hit by the basketball are just two examples that pop to my mind now. It’s the same with the Ghibli movies. Two examples here: The scene where Kiki runs out of Oku-sama’s house and loses her footing on the leaves for one second and shortly before Pazu catches the slowly falling Sheeta he puts away the flask he was still holding. These things are not necessary, but they are the finishing touch to a great movie for me.

  7. Unless youre a master you will not be able to effectively do that.

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