sola – 05

May 9, 2007

You know, you really shouldn't drink that much tomato shiruko anymore...

Swingin’ in the rain.

So much for the peaceful and quite days I fear. After all, Takeshi now knows where to find Matsuri, so Yurito’s home isn’t safe anymore and she might have to leave now, either for her or for Yurito’s sake. At least they had some nice quality time before in the first half of the episode. I liked how Matsuri always took the “male” part in their date activities. Don’t think that she did so because she is inexperienced with dates, it’s rather the opposite and she likes to tease Yorito a bit. But none the less he gets his chance to be gallant, which was sweet in its own way.


The action of the second half wasn’t to despise likewise.

Facts and specs:

– 17 years ago Takeshi found a girl in a puddle of blood. The girl resembles the present Mayuko and is most likely her. Guess she became a Yaka that day, maybe because she was attacked by one, maybe it was the only way to “save” her life.

– In another flashback we see Takeshi protecting a girl (Mayuko again I think) against a mob. Because he looks older this should have happened some time after the “puddle of blood” incident and is probably from time when the people they lived together with realized Mayuko’s difference and tried to kill/imprison her. It seems like the flashback let him sympathize with Yurito and Matsuri for a moment, thus missing his chance for the final blow (although I don’t know if he would put up with Yurito’s dead in order to take Matsuri’s life).

No! I will never change my lolicon ways!

– Takeshi’s actions in this episode gave me the impression that he doesn’t want to kill Matsuri for revenge nor that he is working against Mayuko, because he seems to be very fond of her. If he wanted revenge he would act more emotional and speak more about his reasons when be fights Matsuri I think. Because of his experienced fighting and rather unemotionally approach I guess he has done this more than once before and did so to help Mayuko in some way. He doesn’t seem to believe that what they need from Matsuri can be achieve through talking as Mayuko does. Mayuko by the way seems to sense that Takeshi isn’t telling her the truth about Matsuri.

– Mayuko isn’t picky when it comes to the places she spends the day in.

Can't believe what people throw away these days...

– Matsuri’s ability to change/erode material is powerful, but not useful against many target. Otherwise she wouldn’t had to dodge all the darts, but could have destroyed them before they exploded.

– Matsuri doesn’t want to hurt humans at all cost, even if they want to kill her. However she has some kind of “kill modus” where she goes berserk. It can be seen at that time that she could easily kill Takeshi if she wanted to, but she doesn’t do so because she comes to senses before finishing him. She also seems to be used to fighting, so it might be that she fought much in the past, maybe even killed people, but doesn’t want to anymore.

– Doesn’t anybody care what happened to that church btw?

– This episode proves that Aono is in fact fond of Yorito’s gifts. The first (and precious) one is already damaged through heavy usage (I guess). She still wants to hide this fact from Yorito.

My preciousss...

– Aono is pretty shocked when she hears about Matsuri from Koyori. Maybe it is because Yorito kept it as a secret from her (likely) or because she knows about Matsuri (unlikely).

Altogether a highly enjoyable episode again and due Mana’s discovering of the (surprisingly light) wounded Yurito and with Aono’s learning about Matsuri lots will happen in the next episodes I guess.

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  1. hey, i didn’t see this image

    so i dont know about Mayuko…:(

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