Murder Princess – 02

May 6, 2007

The Maid is dead. Long live the Maid!

I was a bit surprised that the this episodes begins at the exactly same point of time where the first one stopped, because I thought that such a dull villain could only be good enough for the introduction of the main characters. Now I got to know that they’ll have to handle with him not only two, but even three episodes at least. Good point about it is that they’ve found some time to show Milano’s fate (figured as much, but appreciated that they have shown it after all), the bad point is the trio of dullness is still around. To tell the truth, I seldom wished for a more brutal (and hopefully senseless) erase of existence than I do for these three. I don’t have any clear image for the doctor’s end yet, but for the loli-dolls I wouldn’t mind if they destroy one of them by hitting it with the other one, as hard as possible and preferable several times…

Anyway, as minor points I was a bit surprised at how fast Alita could adapt to the life of a maid and I really like it how Fallis always “adjusts” her dresses to fight properly. Murder Princess is a rather average series, but none the less I like it so far.

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