sola – 04

May 1, 2007

Professional paperwork

Shape on shape and fold on fold
Creates a world from simple mould.
In what emerges my eye can see
Bird or Beast or Geometry.

This episode is centered around Aono and Kayori, their relationship and how they met. So far I like the Matsuri-Yorito-Mana relationship more, but it is always important to portray all major characters well, so no complains from my side. It’s nice to see how the two girls do support each other at this time of suffering. Of course their siblings try to do what they can to make them feel at ease, but I think being in a similar situation Aono and Kayori can much better empathize with the other. And being on the same level they can help each other without the bitter taste of being pitied on. When Koyori didn’t visited her as she usually does Aono showed a similar reaction like the time her brother didn’t show up. As can be seen, both of them are very important to Aono now. Likewise it’s very hard for Kayori to tell Aono that she will be leaving the hospital soon, maybe she feels a bit like betraying her this way. Luckily for both of them they come on good terms again.


What we learn from this episode:

– Matsuri has (like so many in this story) some strange taste when it comes to dolls. If the dolls she likes are also of Aono’s taste cannot be seen this time, because Yorito chooses to buy a different doll for Aono than the first one he shows Matsuri and he forgets to bring the second one to the hospital.

– As she looks at the second doll, Matsuri seems to recognize something. Has it something to do with the strange shop Yorito buys the dolls from?

– Aono might be able to return home in the near future, it all depends on the test results which should arrive soon.

– She collapsed shortly before she was brought in the hospital. If this is part of or triggered her illness is unknown. She was always weak health-wise.

– Although Aono always reacts negatively to each new doll, she likes the whole doll-thing after all.

The doll from hell

– She has 36 dolls so far. With being presented roughly one doll each day this makes the time she is hospitalized at least one month (albeit it is unknown if Yorito started buying dolls for her from the first day she was in hospital).

– Koyari was hospitalized after Aono and leaves before her. What illness she suffers/suffered is still unknown.

– Aono and Koyari got to know each other independently from their siblings. Maybe Yorito and Mana became so close because of them.

– Takeshi and Mayuko slowly run out of time. Are both or only one of them under pressure? What will happen if they don’t find Matsuri in time? Does Takeshi works secretly against Mayuko to make happen what Mayuko tries to avoid through meeting with Matsuri?

– At the end Takeshi looks like he has recognized Yorito. He and Mayuto did come pretty short this time again, but with having found this new lead to Matsuri I guess that they both will get much more screentime in the next episode.

And now, just for the cuteness of it:



  1. – As she looks at the second doll, Matsuri seems to recognize something. Has it something to do with the strange shop Yorito buys the dolls from?

    I don’t think is the case. Matsuri probably figured out that this was supposed to be the new doll that Yorito was supposed to give to Aono. I find it odd how Aono still wants Yorito to continue buying her dolls, despite not liking majority of them, but it goes to show that she does think that it’s the thought that counts. Plus 36 dolls is quite a lot.

  2. i haven’t see this episode 😦

  3. You are probably right, her last sentence was just a little strange I think and the shop is somehow suspicious. Just a wild guess by me.

  4. But wanna comment on few general things, The website pattern is perfect, the content is rattling excellent : D.

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