My Wallpapers 24

April 26, 2007

Card Captor Sakura

I didn’t succeeded to watch Card Captor Sakura to its end so far, although I do like it somehow. I stopped somewhere in the middle of the second season years ago and never came back to it. Maybe other series took the time I could have spend on it, maybe other thing where more important temporally, I don’t know for sure. What I know is that Sakura was always a bit too nice and too happy for my taste (I always found the idea of a dark CCS Alternative very interesting btw) and so are most of the CCS Wallpapers. Therefore I like and use this one, because with a little imagination one could think that Sakura is boastful grinning instead of her usual smiling.

Don’t get me wrong, I like her, but sometimes she could have been a little bit, uh, “evil”.


  1. how about Fate SN wallpaper? i like Saber too much 🙂

  2. You mean like this one?


  3. Yeah the series is a little too rosy. But that can be part of the attraction–just like the guy from the movie Pleasentville, I watch it to go to a world where everyone gets along, even the villians are good, and every day has a festival, cooking project, sports meet, or some other interesting event. And that town is just so beautiful year-round!

  4. i hope that youwill have a romantic and happy ending

  5. Good wallpaper!

  6. cool

  7. i like card captor sakura it was a pretty giood anime but sakura seemed a bit more mature for a fourth grader and the manga is awesome!!!!!

  8. I do agree that it’s a bit too lovey dovey but thats what makes it cardcaptor sakura I thought ten year olds shoudnt be SO intrested in love.

  9. Card Captor Sakura is one of my fav. anime. The anime have 2 part

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