sola – 03

April 24, 2007

Now with 20% more moe-ness!

After a fight to the dead in the dark of the night nothing makes blood-soaked cloth as clean and shiny again as Power Clean does! Buy now!

Through the light content of this episode not much mysteries where revealed or build up this episode, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t entertaining. I highly liked the way Matsuri and Mana got to know each other and that there wasn’t any jealousy at all from both (which on the other hand doesn’t bode well for Yorito, ’cause both of them seem to be more than happy to entrust him to the other one). The characters grow more and more to me through the sympatric way they behave, although Matsuri acts a bit to naive for someone who have lived for so long. At least at some times I’m pretty sure that she just played a bit with Yorito and Mana. Altogether she seems to be one a much higher level than the other two.

What do you mean with 'you can have him'???

Well, here are some facts that could be collected none the less:

– Through the way Mayuko dislikes that Takeshi treats her as a child it can be concluded that she must be much older than she looks (surprise, surprise!).

– Mayuko and Takeshi are quite surprised when Mana thinks that they are father and daughter. This could mean that they know each other from a time when Takeshi was (and looked) much younger and till this moment they both didn’t realize that they now look that far apart in years.

What do you mean with 'lolicon'???

– Mana lives with her family unlike Yorito who seems to have no one beside Aono.

– Aono has always been weak health-wise.

– Matsuri and Mayuko feed on the same stuff that normal humans do, although they have some strange taste. Consequently the bets on any blood-sucking in the future are getting pretty bad.

Sometimes the label 'awful' is a natural constant.

And yeah, at the end they got me again this episode. A woman’s sense, huh? Pshaw!


  1. Nice summary! Another ep tomorrow! Yippee! Been busy but after watching this ep I’m ready for tomorrow’s ep. YES!

  2. hey, i have write about this review too. nice post ^^

  3. Thx, I’m pretty yay for the next episode, too!

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