Bokurano & Darker than Black

April 22, 2007



Fifteen school kids are suddenly faced to fight fifteen gigantic enemies who will appear one after another. Each time an enemy appears, one among the children gets chosen to fight. To fight them, they got a giant mecha in which’s cockpit one special chair for each of them exists, formed after their personality and memories.
At first sight the story sounds rather generic, but it soon gets obviously that it is much more a character sketch of the children than some sort of mecha action show. Therefore it doesn’t bother so much that the mechas, while not bad looking, are not merging very well with the rest of the animation. Each of the kids has a well drawn personality and behaves accordingly different to the role that has been given to them (and the price they’ll have to pay for it). I really like how each children’s character gets visualized in the ED through the way they sit on their cockpit chair (altohugh the chair itself already tells a lot about the corresponding character).
A very intersting anime I’d say

Darker than Black

Darker than Black

Like the title promises the atmosphere of this anime is a rather gloomy one. I like the setting and the characters so far. It’s altogether maybe a bit too harsh for my taste, but sometimes things have to hurt a bit to enjoy them the most, and I think I’ll endure it for the great noir-feeling this series delivers.

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