My Wallpapers 23

April 19, 2007

Fate/stay night

Granted, Fate/stay night could have been much, much better, but it was still nice to watch. While the story and the characters never developed as nearly as they could and should have, the artwork was always great to look at. Saber is (as can be seen) my favorite character and with this wallpaper (which is a horizontal flipped version of the original picture with some minor adjustment of the color) she seems to watch over my icons, always prepared to erase the every useless one who might dare to screen only the tiniest part of her.


  1. i was wondering if i could use this picture and edit it and out it up on deviant. i will credit you.
    Thank you

  2. Sure you can use it, but don’t credit me, because it’s an official game picture. All I did was enlarging and some playing with the light. I would like to see your result though. *g*

  3. So cool! Shes really pretty!

  4. Да, она “Really pretty”, но я видел wallpaper’сы и получше, чес-слово:))

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