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April 17, 2007

It's clearly to see how happy he is about the development

Touch of the vampire.

A very nice series indeed. Well, there are no vampires after all, but I think “Yakas” will be fine, too. I especially like the growing relationship between Matsuri and Yorito, they just fit so well and it’s so much fun watching them. Best moment for me was when Yorito discovers that Matsuri wasn’t really gone. At the moment she said “Bye Bye” I thought that this is just so plain typical and that the next episode will be the usual one where the protagonists come together again because they can’t face the danger lurking out there alone after all. Well, they surprised me and made me feel very comfortable again, very nicely done.
What I also like is that I’m really interested in the characters and their relationship among each other. To help me remember I’ve put up a little list of the things I wonder about.

The sky is her limit


– She is a Yaka (Woe of the night), but what exactly does this mean? What other abilities does she have (beside being physical superior and able to alter material)? What other weaknesses (beside sunlight/bright light)?
– Was she always like this or did she became what she is today? How old is she?
– She seems to be used to be hunted, but why is she and by whom? Does she only run all the time or does she fight back sometimes?
– Why would Yorito someday learn to hate her? Does she need to do something cruel to stay alive (like drinking blood)?
– Why was she living in that church, and why does she have a picture of it? Who did this picture and gave it to her?
– Is there a special reason why she is that much interested in the sky?

Why aren't there any decent pictures of both of them together yet?

Yorito & Aono

They are siblings, but behave a bit odd toward each other. Yorito seems to be a bit careless and Aono to be rather cold. On the other hand Aono showed that it is very important to her to see her brother at least on a daily base and Yorito quickly followed her request.
– So what kind of relationship do they actually have and was it always this way?
– Aono doesn’t want the sunlight in her room, is it because of her illness or does it have other reasons? What illness is she suffering? Since when? Does it have something to do with the Yaka, maybe directly with Matsuri?
– What about their parents? When did they die and how?
– Is there a special reason why Yorito is so fond of the sky? Does it have something to do with Aono’s illness?

I second such cute violence

Mana & Koyori

Well, not much was shown about these two so far, but it is interesting that Koyori just can’t call her sister “sister”.
– Is there something more about this or just because Koyori is so polite? Are they really related by blood?
– Is there a special reason about the politeness of Koyori?
– Why is Koyori caring so much about Aono?

Wrong shipment again!

Takeshi & Mayuko

On the first glare they seem to have teamed up to search for Yakas, but they don’t seem to aim for the same goal once they found one. Takeshi did fight Matsuri and tried to kill her but hid this from Mayuko. He didn’t even tell her that he found a Yaka.
– So why is Takeshi hunting Yakas? Is he hunting all Yakas or is he only hunting for Matsuri? If that is true, what did she do to him?
– Is he a human or something else?
– Why doesn’t he tell Mayuko about Matsuri?
– What kind of a relationship does he and Mayuko have?
– Does Mayuko know about Takeshi’s skills?
– Mayuko behavior is quite odd and she sleeps at day. Is she also a Yaka like Matsuri?
– Why does she want to meet a Yaka?
– Why is she sleeping in cardboard boxes?

Well, hopefully there will be some answers (or more interesting questions) in the next episode.


  1. So far I’ve been impressed with Sola, too. In addition to your list, I have a few more to add:
    – Does Takeshi have magic to shoot those beams of light and to turn on the outside lamps, or is this an innate ability? If it’s innate, does this mean there are “light bringers” as well as Yaka?
    – Mayuko carries a odd doll, and Aono has a box full of odd dolls that Yorito (apparently) has given her. Is there some connection here? Perhaps Aono was once like Mayuko as a child (hence why Yorito think she would like such a doll), but has outgrown the dolls now?
    – Who is the blond person shown struggling up a barren hill with a wooden staff? During the day time, no less. The clothing makes it appear that this was a historical flashback, too.
    – Why are both Aono and Koyori in a long-term hospital? For that matter, what is the connection between Mana, Yorito, Aono, and Koyori? It appears as though Mana and Koyori also don’t have parents, though this isn’t explicitly said so far.

    BTW, my guess on why Matsuri said Yorito would hate him is not that complicated. She’s ageless, can’t do anything during the day, and is being hunted. As Yorito grows older, their relationship will be strained by the difference in apparent years (imagine Yorito at 40 and Matsuri still looking 16) and her lack of being able to do much during the day. Matsuri has probably seen it before…

    Just my $0.02…

  2. Good call, the blond person might be someone worth to remember and now that you mention it I’ve finally realized that Koyori is also hospitalized (must have been blind before *g*). So far I think Yorito and Mana know each other because they are classmates and Aono and Koyori got to know each other through their siblings. Takeshi btw doesn’t shot a beam of light, but some kind of dart that exploded in a flash I think (the dart can only be seen for about 3 frames). And you might be right about the complication in a mortal-immortal relationship, Matsuri really might have lived through something like that one or more times already.

  3. I completely missed the dart thing! Thanks! You are also probably right about Mana and Yorito knowing each other as classmates who both have siblings in the hospital. I have to wonder why Koyori is in the hospital, though. She seems very healthy. Perhaps she’s lost her memory?

    Sola really is looking like a fun anime. With this many questions and also being well drawn, it’s turning into the only Spring anime I’m really curious to see each week. So many questions… so few eps! Hopefully that means each ep will be awesome!

  4. Amnesia would be a good explanation for her behavior, maybe she got it because she was hit once too often on the head. *g* Can’t wait for the next episodes, too.

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