My Wallpapers 22

April 12, 2007

Hayate no Gotoku!

Today for a change not one of the older wallpapers I use but a brand new one that I, me and myself made together yesterday. I’ve now watched the second episode of Hayate no Gotoku! and (how you can easily guess) I really liked and enjoyed it very much. The series is on a pretty good way and I hope that they can keep it up to the end. Definitely one of my favorites of this season now.
By the way, do real people exist who also purposely wear socks when they go to bed? It’s the first time that I got aware of something like this.

In other news, I’ve watched the first episode of Touka Gettan and because I didn’t got even the smallest idea what is going on and don’t think it will get better in the near future I’m pretty sure that this is also the last episode of Touka Gettan I’ll watch.


  1. well that is an awesome wallpaper .
    Thanks for sharing it .

  2. Thx, glad you like it.

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