Claymore & Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

April 10, 2007



I’m not very much into serious animes, normally there should be at least some humorous elements for me, but regardless of this Claymore caught my attention (and I guess there won’t be much to laugh about). Can’t point my finger on something specific, the whole episode was just pretty interesting and everything fits quite nicely. I’m not very fond of the artwork style though, but it suits the atmosphere of this series and I’m already used to it after the first episode.

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann

The first thing I read about this series was that it somehow resembles FLCL, which did not rise my anticipation to watch it because I didn’t enjoyed FLCL that much. None the less the first episode of Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann was quite fun, although the pace is a bit to fast for my taste and doesn’t help to enjoy the well executed animation and artwork to it’s fullest. The scenario looks interesting and even the mechas seem to be at least acceptable. And if it really resembles FLCL is something I can barely judge because, well, I can’t remember very much of that series to tell the truth. But I wasn’t as nearly as confused after this episode as I was after each FLCL episode (maybe this counts something).


  1. FLCL is one of those animes that you first watch, go to wikipedia or some anime boards for explanations, watch it again, think you understood something and watch it yet again and again and so on.

    It’s pretty confusing at fist but once you’ve seen it for two or three times you should understand it. And the soundtrack by the pillows is simply awesome!

  2. Yeah, you are probably right, I should give it another try someday, but there is so much else to watch. *sigh*
    Maybe after this season…

  3. FLCL is a fantastic anime simply because everything is so convoluted. It makes you think. Gives you subtle hints each with a meaning behind them. At first you might think everything is completely random, but I assure you that every little detail in that series has a profound meaning. You really need to watch it at least three times before you can truly understand this.

    As for Gurren-Lagann… all I can say is I think GAINAX has done it again. Just watched ep 11 and the show is fantastic so far.

  4. Sometimes I like my animes simple. *g*
    No, I know what you mean and I think I’ll give FLCL another run sometimes in the future, but at the moment I just have too much other stuff to watch. And yep, Gurren-Legann is pretty fantastic, hope they can keep it up.

  5. Gainax made FLCL…. they made this series as well. It’s their drawing style.

    gainax also made Evangelion…

  6. You’re right, but I already know. My bad to not say so in my post, sorry.

  7. Actually, FLCL is the simple version of Evangelion through the comedy style. Gurren-Legann is basically a FLCL style but with more original thought. Eva to Gurren-Legann is actually the evolution of anime philosophy going from the sad pessimist outlook on life to the FIGHT IT WITH YOUR FIGHTING SPIRIT optimist anything is possible the world is awesome outlook. It’s a philosophy evolution. Eva and Gurren-Legann are amazing series, can’t appreciate one without the other. GAINAX at its best.

  8. I think they stand fairly well for themself, but you are right that Gurren-Legann can be seen in this way in comparison with NGE.

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