Ghost Hunt – The whole story (?)

April 6, 2007

So much left to tell...

There is a very interesting post on THAT Animeblog about some (or all?) missing information about the characters of Ghost Hunt. The information are collected from the novels this series is based on. I can’t say anything about the content, because I haven’t read it yet since I don’t want to spoil a possible OVA or second season for me. However, my determination gets weaker each hour. In any case I think this post is a very good idea and believe it’s a nice addition to the Ghost Hunt series.


  1. this anime ghost hunt is the best anime qith drama i have ever seen but what i like better is that the main character has such a great power in the last episode he show is amazing powers

  2. It’s a great anime. So far i’ve only watched 10 episodes, but i love it!! The only thing i disslike is the intro song… it’s creep….. but oh well, watch it, you wont regret it.

  3. If found the intro to be nice and quite fitting. The second version (should be starting around episode 14) is well made, too, but I still prefer the first version.

  4. I do wish that they would add another season. Although the thought of waiting week by week would be agonizing…Ah well. I just wish that Naru and Mai would grow closer…I didn’t read the book for the sole purpose of surprise.

  5. i hope that ghost hunt will have another episode..!!because i really love watching this snime..!!and love the characters..!!especially mai and naru,hope in te last episode they end up together..!!

  6. hI tO alL !!!
    I really love this anime,,,
    I hope that there are more episode in ghosthunt
    I also love the characters like koujo,mazako and other characters especially mai and kasuya naru shibuya…
    It is because they are all cute even though they are just anime…
    Please watch GHOSTHUNT on HERO on cable…
    Everyday at 1:00 pm with the replay at 9:30 pm…
    try to watch it and you’ll enjoy watching it….!!!!

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