Ghost Hunt

April 1, 2007

NOW he comes crawling back...

It’s a pity that I’ve stopped blogging about Ghost Hunt after the middle of the series. Reasons why I’ve stopped are firstly much other stuff to do, then heavy lacking in inspiration what to write about and finally some laziness on my side. Still a nice series I think, a bit slow at times and (as somebody else already pointed out) Mai is kind of useless most of the time, but at other times it’s pretty decent, the artwork and character design is looking very good and the last arc is quite enthralling. In the end some questions about the character’s backgrounds are left unanswered, quite a shame because I really like the character set of Ghost Hunt and the interaction among them. I’d love to see more episodes with satisfying answers, but it seems to me that this series wasn’t that big of a success, so this is unlikely I guess. In conclusion I’d say that some arcs could have been concluded a bit faster and some characters could have used some more development, but this aside Ghost Hunt was always fun and entertaining to watch.

One comment

  1. I do agree on the slow pacing comment. But I have to say that Naru and Mai have good chemistry plus the fact that Naru is teaching Mai to tap inot her powers is so cool. And what’s up with Naru’s “super powers…” I mean,it was kinda expected and unexpected. hahaha . . .over all the anime is good, one od the best in mysteries involving ghosts and other blahs…hehehe. Rock on

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