Shuffle! Memories 12

March 31, 2007

We are straight!


(just kidding)

Although most of this episodes was not much more than a mere excuse for lots of fanservice (sadly not only of the girls) it was quite entertaining none the less. I like how they tried to give each girl some screentime to shine. While Asa doesn’t do anything special and Nerine seems to be in the story mostly because of her looks, Mayumi gets surprising much screentime for such a minor character (not that I mind because I somehow like her) and Primura stays out of all the trouble like she always does (but gets some nice scenes anyway). The most fun for me was to watch Sia while she was ranting about the threesome Rin is supposed to be in, mainly because she isn’t part of it (a bit more reasonable if one remembers that the gods practice polygamy), and (of course) Kaede at the time she goes psycho on Asa because she susprcts her to be hiding Rin somewhere.

So cute and psychopathic....

I just love it when she does these things.

Well, so much for Shuffle! Memories. At the end it only consists of recaps from the original series with some nice new OPs and EDs and one bonus episode in the end. Do I regret to have watched it? Definitely not, because it gave me some new insight in Shuffle! and, after all, I had fun watching each episode. If you already know anything that is to know about Shuffle! then just watch the OPs and EDs for some eye candy and the last episode for some (unimportant) new stuff. If you like to refresh/rewatch Shuffle!, but don’t want to bother with all the fillers and (pesky) fanclub-stuff, Memories is the right choice for you.

Thanks for the, uh, memories, girls

The End (?)


  1. I sure didn’t mind Memories, I’d already rewatched the series a few times before this anyways. : \ I happen to like SHUFFLE! so this was pretty much YAY. And has no one else mentioned the Mayumi allusion to Haruhi’s introduction speach in episode 01 of TMoSH?

  2. Hmmm…, must have slipped me, but nothing is impossible I guess.

  3. Where can I download this episode, cause I already watch all the shuffle! episode I only missed that one -.-


  4. Try http://www.baka-updates.com/ . Don’t know if it licensed yet.

  5. i dont think there is some1 going to upload it for an old series like this on bittorrent. lol but it doesnt mean u wont be able to watch it anymore, here it is,
    http://www.veoh.com/videos/v470651ExPMEcrA .

    EDIT: Sorry, this was cought in my spam filter.

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