Shuffle! Memories 11

March 24, 2007

It’s interesting that the second part of Primura’s chapter consists mostly of recaps already shown (in the Kaede and Nerine chapters). The reason for this is that Primura is closely connected to both of them, which is rather unusual in harem shows I think. Actually, Primura herself is a rather unusual character because in the end her main purpose isn’t to chase after the male lead, but to comfort Kaede and give her a reason to live on. I don’t think that Kaede could have carried on without her by her side after Rin had chosen to move out. At the same time Primura makes Rin’s ending with Asa possible in the first place, because now he could “free” himself from Kaede without leaving her behind all alone.

While this recap series helped me to find a bit more liking in the other girls, it also gave me more insight in the special role of Primura. It raised my opinion of Shuffle at least a bit, so I’m glad to have watched it after all.
Now I’m curious if they’ll show one or two more episodes with some new material in the end, that would make me quite happy.

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