Look who’s back again

March 21, 2007


Yeah, I know. It’s predictable, the story will never progress anymore and there won’t be any real character development either, but hey, I like it. Ah! My Goddess will never be one of the my top series I’m sure, but it keeps me entertained quite well. Some shows need these things and some don’t I guess.

And the maid in this episode was a nice bonus btw.


  1. Well, that’s just a retelling of the Chieko Honda story from one of the earlier volumes, but with Skuld, Chihiro, and some ruminations about Keiichi’s mortality thrown in to make it different. Except they kinda skip one sentence in there, which explained why she kissed Keiichi in the first place: “I almost forgot the promise I made: once around the lake and you get a kiss.”

  2. Thx, I’ve read much of the manga, too, and thought as much, but was too lazy to search the story up again. Interesting that they skipped that sentence, but maybe it’s because of Belldandy’s (little bit) more jealously character in the anime in comparison to her manga version.

  3. I think that it was one of the most funny anime series I ever saw. You have: sexys girls, funny situations, love action, etc.

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