Shuffle! Memories 10

March 20, 2007

Sia (still short for Lisianthus)

Again too less screentime for too much story. The one girl – two personalities pattern can work out pretty well if there is enough time for both to be visualized and developed. The way it was done in Shuffle (original and recap version) is way too rushed and again I could never really empathize with the other Sia, who never overcomes her stereotypical design.
I also wonder why Sia and Nerine (respectively Lycoris) fall so badly for Rin. The only times he really shines is at the beginning with Kaede and in the end with Asa, the rest of the time he is rather mediocre I think. Yeah, okay, it’s a harem romance, so this question is meaningless from the start, but still I can’t help but wonder sometimes.

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