Kanon 24

March 18, 2007

Blue skies

When I was young
It seemed that life was so wonderful
A miracle
Oh it was beautiful

After the first watch I was a bit disappointed in the final of Kanon. I didn’t wanted any of the girls to die, I’m really glad that they all survived and enjoyed to see them all again, but it all felt a bit cheated and rushed. It all went just too smooth in the end, especially Shiori’s recovery which (again) isn’t explained in any way. Well, after some thoughts I realized that this is exactly the way miracles work and can’t complain, because miracles are what Kanon is all about in the end. Such a happy ending just doesn’t leave such a emotional impact as a sad one does. None the less, I’m quite happy with this ending.


There is one thing the original series did better than this one in my opinion. In the original version not Akiko, but Nayuki tells Yuuichi about Ayu being in the hospital, voluntary giving up her chance on Yuuichi for his happiness. It made Nayuki’s character even more tragic and again underlined her caring and self-sacrificing personality. Otherwise, I’m mostly satisfied how she was pictured. Her role in the story is a very special one, because while Yuuichi could help all the other girls through facing their problems together, Nayuki could only be helped by herself. I think that, while never really been in the spotlight, her character developed the most in the end.

Nayuki - Female lead of the hearts

Well, so much for Kanon. It was highly enjoyable, emotional and at times really breathtaking. It was something I looked forward to each week and a good way to spend some of my time and thoughts, and that is all one can ask of good show. And so, after 24 weeks and 113 uguus, it’s finally

The End

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