Kanon 23

March 12, 2007

Nayuki's reflection

Waking from the endless dream.

What a surprise at the begin of the episode. I liked the appearance of the “real” Makoto. She really help Yuuichi to get into equilibrium again just by listening to him and giving him a strongly needed rest. By the way, in my opinion Yuuichi thinks a bit too bad of himself. Okay, most of the girls are now in hospital or have disappeared, but at least he was a major help for Mai and also for Shiori, even if he couldn’t heal her illness. Even he himself should have noticed this.

Too nice to be true?

The Ayu-flashback and the dream of better times were more or less unnecessary I think. The time could have been better spend on Nayuki and her coming to senses again. The way it was done leaves the feeling that her problems where rather minor in comparison to the other girls and “fast to fix” just by the little speak from Kaori, Yuuichi’s actions from the last episode and some thinking on Nayuki’s side. Kaori’s appearance was a nice change from the rather strict separation of the girls in this series and I think with more interaction between all of them (maybe sometimes even without the present of Yuuichi) Kanon could have been even better.

Let me handle this now

The ending was, of course, very sweet. Ayu’s departure left a more happy than sad feeling and the making up of Nayuki and Yuuichi was just beautiful.

And they lived happily ever after

Well, one episode left to go.


  1. >>The Ayu-flashback and the dream of better times were more or less unnecessary I think.

    I disagree, the flashback is suppose to reflect upon U1’s mind and his promise, and, to emphasize a very important line for Ayu’s departure: where U1 tells her, “you are not alone.” Looking at the flashback, it rotates through the memories around Ayu and U1, where they went through many things, interacted with many others from each individual arc. And by using Last Regrets – accoustic version, this particular theme is even more highlighted.
    Without a significant flashback like that, not only we wont see U1’s emotional state as he returns to the departure site, the significance of the line i mentioned above will be lessen by a lot.

  2. Hm, good point about the flashback, but was it really needed? I didn’t need it for realizing Yuuichi’s emotional state, but then again I was much more “in it” through all the blogging about the series (watching each episode at least twice, thinking about it to find stuff to write). Maybe it was a good thing just to make sure.

  3. Probably not 100% needed if thaz wat u mean, but imo i think its better with than without. Afterall, the combination of the specially treated flashback slides and the insert song worked very well for most ppl.

    When thinking about it, its quite natural for U1 to think of his past time with Ayu while hiking up that hill in hopes of a near-impossible chance to meet Ayu whom he believed to be dead. So think of it as his dedication towards his feelings/love.

  4. Just would have liked some more screentime for Nayuki, but your are right. Ayu is supposed to be the “main” girl and Yuuichi is in love with her, so she deserves the flashback I guess.

  5. I do agree with the fact that Nayuki needs more screentime, but looking back on the other arc’s storyboard layout, it seems they really ran out of space… OTZ and even those arcs are rushed (Mai & Ayu)… i think we really need extra 3 or 4 episodes to make out a perfect pacing and adequate screentime =\

    The troublesome factor especially for Nayuki is that, even in the game, her arc doesn’t really have much highlights… KA had brought out as much as they can: Study night, check; everyday routine, check; snowbunny flashback, check; accident, check; bench, check; they even added the race which nvr took place in the game; the only thing i can think of uncheck is the alarm clock ending… but if they add that in it will ruin the whole plot they kept up till now. *rolls eye*

    And if they expand the daily routine part… o jeez, i can already hear the world wide complains about “sleepy mode Nayu-chan gets old after a while” or “this is getting repetitive” …. OTZ

    Audience, can be very very troublesome….

  6. Well, if they squeezed out everything they could from the game I can’t complain. I guess that’s the problem if they need to stay as close as possible to an original. More sleepy Nayuki wouldn’t have done any good, I agree, but maybe there could have been a bit more of her in this episode.

    And I think one of the most important rules in showbiz is: Do never ever listen to the wishes of the audience.

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