My Wallpapers 17

March 10, 2007

To Heart

Back in the middle of the year 2000 I haven’t had much interest in anime. I watched some of the usual stuff in my childhood and always had a slight urge to watch Sailor Moon, but thought that watching cartoons was something I grew out already. I finally had a flatrate internet connection and much free time on hand which I spend with searching and playing freeware and shareware games (Eternal Daughter is my all-time favorite of these). My first address for these games was Home of the Underdogs, and some fine day I stumble across Queen of Heart ’98, a game I failed miserably at and never really bothered to play again. However, I somehow fell for the sad looking girl with purple hair. Well, a friend of mine had talked about some “anime” show call “Neon Genesis Evangelion” for a while now and because I had nothing else to download at that time (which is a awful for somebody with a brand new flatrate) I gave “To Heart” a try. Without better knowledge I downloaded the RAW version of the first episode and didn’t get anything of the story, but got caught immediately by the atmosphere and the fine and beautiful art. Luckily I discovered shortly after that subtitled versions of anime episodes were also availably and thus could enjoy this series to it’s fullest (making To Heart’s first episode the only anime episode I watched RAW so far). Evangelion and Love Hina followed short after and sealed my fate, but To Heart is the show which drew me into animes and will always be one of my favorite ones.

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