Kanon 22

March 8, 2007

The darkness before the dawn?

Darkness is my only friend, Darkness hides my tears.
I’ve lost the only light, the embers fade and die.

What a gloomy episode. The beginning was especially disturbing with the drive past the place of accident. The teacher has to be a quite insensitive to do something like this. Nayuki in her shocked state was nearly painful to watch. Yuuichi must have hurt her deep at their parting 7 years ago and through the unanswered letters, because instead of letting him comfort her (now that he finally shows attention toward her) she pushes him away and only wants to be left alone.

You are no fun anymore, Yuuichi

To make the episode even more depressing Yuuichi finally remembers Ayu’s accident, which should be the reason for his amnesia in the first place. Don’t know what he is trying to achieve through running around outside in the dead of the night and in such a heavy snow storm after this. I guess he is now very confused himself and doesn’t know what to do anymore. In any case he isn’t helping the situation with freezing to dead in the dark forest. But I think (and hope) that from this point onwards things should get better for the Kanon cast again (can’t get much worse, can it?). And after all, at least one of the girls finally returned.

Talking about surprises

A quite nice (and surprising) scene I’ve to say.

Next Episode: Finale (although it should be the episode before the last one).


  1. Well, The thing is that most japanese towns are constructed in a one way choke point fashion;heck, most intercity roads are constructed in a way tht in order to get from point A to point B, there are several points that must be traversed. Anyway, it might have just been that there was no other road to take.

  2. Okay, I don’t know anything about Japanese town construction, it might be one explanation. I just think that especially a hospital should have very good road connections and there should be more than one way to reach it. On the other hand I wonder now if the teacher could have known about the accident side, I rather think that he only knew about the hospital where Akiko was brought to. Should rather blame KyoAni directly to do such evil things to poor Nayuki I guess. *g*

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