NGE News

February 16, 2007

Some news about the upcoming new Neon Genesis Evangelion Films (from ANS):


2-14-07 (8:20AM EST)—- Hideaki Anno To Announce New Eva Films On February 17th

Eva fandom reaches new peak

New Evangelion film series “general superintendent” Hideaki Anno will release an “emergency statement” regarding the project on the 17th of this month. This will mark the first time the Director has spoken to the public regarding the 4 new animated features. Additionally, its been revealed that the first Evangelion Shin Gekijou Ban film will be released to Japanese theaters on September 1st, 2007. Anno’s statement will be made in several media including a film projected poster, to be shown in around 50 theaters across Japan. A special message in all white colored text will read: “Animation set in an impoverished future Japan”. A 15 second video clip will be screened simultaneously. Those who have seen these media have noted that several Japanese katakana characters in the “Evangelion” title have been changed over the previous spelling. A different “E” character is used and the “O” has been replaced with “WO”. The first fillm is expected to encompass the storyline of the first 6 TV epeisodes. A special internet website will be launched through Yahoo Japan to coincide with the announcement on the 17th. Content there will include messages from the production staff. There have been around 6000 merchandise items produced around Evangelion to date, with total sales approaching 150 billion Yen or more.


Well, more than two anime seasons still to wait.

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