Kanon 19

February 13, 2007

Little does he know what a grave mistake he was going to make.

And so it begins.

So much for Shiroi, another girl(pair) bit the dust and won’t be seen before the ending I guess. As I said before, I think there was still some more potential in that arc left, but it looks like they want to boost up Ayu’s arc a bit more (or shuffle in some more of Nayuki which could be quite interesting). It astonishes me each time how young Yuuichi could win all the girls hearts in such an age and short time. Okay, I can understand it at least partially for Makoto, Mai and Ayu, because he helped them when they where in a time of need, but he wasn’t exactly the nicest guy to Nayuki and she still fell for him and none of the girls ever showed the slightest interest in other guys (okay, granted, the alternatives are in that town are quite grim). Anyway, I feel pretty sad for Nayuki.

I spend 19 episodes in love with him and all I got was this lousy glass marble.

It was pretty comprehensible through the series that Yuuichi couldn’t do much about Makoto anymore (except visiting “her” hill), but I can’t help but to wonder why he doesn’t pay a visit (even a small one) to Mai and Sayuri even once or tries to find out more about Shiroi by asking/visiting her personally or through contacting Kaori. After all, he still cares for them much as seen in his flashbacks and is still interested in their fate. They are not far away and I think it wouldn’t have hurt if they had some minor appearances even after their arc ended. Normally one would expect the number of characters to grow in the run of a series, the way it’s done here creates a surreal mood of loss and loneliness. Maybe this is intended, but I would have liked a more realistic attempt. After all, the whole setting of the series is surreal and mysterious enough.

All that is left of a once numerous cast.

Anyway, now that all the other girls are gone (and Nayuki has voluntary withdrawn) Yuuichi’s only love interest left is little Ayu. After spending so much time with all the other girls it feels a bit like she is his last favored choice of all the girls, but this is just one of the flaws when the arc of the “main” girl is featured at the end of the series I believe. It also looks a bit like it isn’t really that desirable to spend time with Yuuichi as a girl. After all, one of the girls disappeared into thin air and the rest of them ended in the hospital after been taken care by him. Maybe Nayuki has chosen wisely in the end.
The episode (by the way), which featured lots of Nayuki and (of course) Ayu, was really nice to watch again. And the last scene was purely breathtaking, technical and emotional. You all know which one I mean.

In this world where the number of possible love interests is shrinking each day, Yuuichi had no other choice than to end up with Ayu.

So, now we are deep down into Ayu’s arc, but that’s okay with me, because I don’t have any problems with her (which doesn’t mean much because it takes longer than to Tipperary for me to dislike “good” anime character after all).

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