Shuffle! Memories 05

February 11, 2007

Sia (short for Lisianthus)

Like Nerine I found Sia to be rather uninteresting. She has an interesting “other side” after all, but it was never developed to it fullest in the series. Through the fact that her past wasn’t shown in this episode either I can easy conclude that this will be the content of the second Sia-episode and sadly thus there should be only few new stuff (if any) about her.
By the way, I liked Mayumi more than most of the leading characters in Shuffle. She was always a refreshing diversion from the Rin-clinging girls and her episode was one of the most entertaining ones. Unfortunately I’m certain that there won’t be an episode dedicated to her in Memories.
Kareha on the other hand wasn’t interesting for me at all.

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