My Wallpapers 13

February 8, 2007


narcissu is an impressive graphic novel (not a real game though) about two people who are suffering a lethal disease and are fated to live the rest of their lives in the “death track” of a hospital. While being physically largely fine, they already have closed with their lives, but after getting known to each other they try to live up one last time.
narcissu is a rather realistic tale and has some sweet moments, but in the essence it is very grim and heart-wrenching. As a side effect one gets to learn some things about the healthcare system in Japan (admittedly in a pretty negative light). The translators made the interesting approach of translating the whole novel separated from each other and thus created two versions of the same story with slight differences in the overall mood. They integrated these two versions in the program by using one translation for the novel version with voices and the other translation for the one without voices. Their translation is available here as a free download.
The screencap, by the way, is from the version without voices.

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