Shuffle! Memories 04

February 4, 2007

Nerine (angry)

I didn’t like Nerine much when I watched Shuffle (in the end I only really liked Kaede and Asa to a certain amount). Her character was a bit shallow and her story was pretty far-fetched. I mean, with her second-hand love for Rin she is rather pitiful than anything else. But again I found the featured girl more likeable than in the original series. I think seeing the story of each girl compromised in such a way Shuffle Memories does helps in this point. It’s interesting that they didn’t showed her past in this episode. This could mean that the second episode will cover this part of her story and thus my hope for some new stuff shrinks some more.

This episode also reminded me of one of the things that I already hated in the original series: those pesky fan clubs. I always dislike these formations of mostly ugly and abhorrent men who don’t have any courage to try to make a move on the girl they adore (not that they would have any chance at all), but instead try to keep any other male being away from her with such brazenness that it sickens me. Sadly these formations are featured quite often in harem animes and I hate all of them. They are not funny, they are not interesting, they are not appealing. They are just a waste of (my) precious time and most of the time rather counterproductive for the process of the story.

I hate them, I HATE them, I hate THEM and I HATE THEM!


Well, now I feel a bit better.


  1. DONT LIKE THE ENDING… well at first kaede was the only one that suffers a lot!!! what kind of anime showing a girls suffering so much… her father is far from her, she lost her mother and now she lost rin… she even cooks and clean just to repay all the bad things that she did to rin(or she fell inlove with rin after how rin hide the letter)… last but not least who would now fall in love with kaede a campus princess(KKK), a childhood friend and a caring person… must have OVA! must have OVA! must have OVA! must have OVA! damn i lost my apetite watching animes…

  2. Do you just enjoy trash talking shows? If you hated it soo much, why did you keep watching, and why are you telling people that could hardly care less? Although, I must watch when the fanboys attack you ^^ Popcorn anyone?

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