Kanon 18

February 3, 2007

Ayu shot first

Happy Birthday, Shiori!

That was a rather sudden ending of this arc, without any real conclusion or much tears because of Shiori’s decease or the absent of it. I don’t think that this will be the last thing we hear of Shiori, but maybe it will take till the end of the series to get to know about her whereabouts. I wonder if this means that Kaori won’t attain school for the near future, because otherwise Yuuichi (and the viewers) could get information about her remains through her.

Sad girl in the sunset

The part of Kaori should have developed more, because in my opinion this is the only arc in which both girls are really important. Of course Mishio’s and Sayuri’s tale are touching too, but their purpose are that of an informant and catalyst and both arcs could have worked without them somehow. Kaori however is the source of Shiori’s problem in herself, and thus it would have been interesting to see more of her side of the story and of her inner conflict.

The alpha and the omega of Shiori's arc

It was very sweet to see her taking the first steps of turning towards her sister again. I liked that it was more of a careful approach than a heartily reunion as if the last year didn’t happen at all. This arc was the the less impressive for me, but I still liked it much, especially because it has a more realistic feeling than the other ones. I’m now pretty curious for it’s final conclusion.


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