Moving (physically)

January 29, 2007

Faster dammit!

Tomorrow I’ll finally move to a new domicile. I already miss my old one in which I lived and which I loved for six years now, but after my roommate moved out my time to part has also come. At least I’ll remain in the same town and I’m already excited to set-up my first dwelling truly independently and only considerately of my own wishes.
Why I bore you with this stuff? Well, through the moving my phone line (and consequently my internet connection) will be cut for a certain time. If everything goes as planned I should be surfing again from the 31. January onwards, but because it depends on not only one, but even two phone companies this time I have at least some doubts about it. So there might be a shortage of new posts in the near future, but hopefully not for long. My next post (the hundredth by the way) will be from my new home.

See ya!

Oh, and I wish I had such cute helpers, but the stronger ones I got should be fine, too.

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