Ghost Hunt 12 & 13

January 29, 2007

Christmas is all about the Christmas trees!

The spirit of Christmas.

Interesting two episodes, especially because some of the other characters had the chance to act more than usual through the possession of Mai in the second episode. Not that I really like it when Mai is pushed aside, but this way the whole character set gains more depth. Or at least Houshou and John gain, because Ayako and Masako (sadly) do not much more than helping in the kitchen this time. Again I wonder if it really is necessary to always tag along the whole group, but after all they are quite nice to look at.

They surely are

Finally some spotlight was also directed onto Rin. I wonder why he is so repelling towards other people, especially younger ones (like Mai and the children). His outburst at the possessed Mai was pretty cruel I’d say, but at the end he seems to have found some understanding and sympathy for the poor soul. His behavior is quite similar to Naru, but Naru doesn’t keep that close the whole time and has better self-control. And while being cool most of the time, both of them now smiled at least once toward Mai.


The story of the two episodes was not that exciting this time, but instead calmly told, sad, touching and in the end very heart warming, a nice Christmas tale altogether (also very nice music this time). It’s interesting as well that the place where they find the boy’s body in the end is shown quite often through the episodes, yet I never suspected him to be there before the conclusion.

The boy who was just a little bit to good at hide and seek.

Next time, “Forbidden Play” #1. Will this time Ayako be the one who brings up a case to the SPR?

One comment

  1. Naru’s “helper” is not Rin, but Lin. get it right next time!!!!!!!!!!!

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