Kanon 17

January 27, 2007

This time the high quality of the animation is not shown in great fighting sequences or a grandiose dance scene, but in many small things like the snow flakes (of whom fall an awful lot in this arc), the fountain, the play with light and shadow, Piro, Shiori eating spicy stuff and overall in the motion of the girls (I’m sure I’ve never seen someone saying “Taiyaki” animated so well before). At some times Shirori is so cute that it nearly hurts. The river in the opening is also marvelous, but I felt that it doesn’t merge that well with the rest of the scene.

The background music was great, too. I think I haven’t mentioned this before, but I’m really font of the way the instrumental music is used in this series.
Ayu showed some quite matured bahavior this time and by spending time with Yuuichi without being importunately she helped him a lot. And in the end she also gave him the necessary inspiration for what he can present Shirori for her birthday (and the information about Ayu’s read hair band might be important for later. Or maybe not).

It was nice to see that Yuuichi in between “asked” Makoto what he should do now. It is certainly true that while he could help Mai fighting her demons and might be able to help Ayu finding her lost item he was unable to change Mikoto destiny and could only spending her remaining time together. Now he is fated to do the same for Shiori.

It’s amazing how well Shiori seems to handle her situation. She surely has her fears and sorrows about her future, but she doesn’t show them to others and wants to be treated normally. Don’t know if this is the best way to act, but at least she can find some enjoyment in her remaining time. Kaori on the other hand is suffering very much because of Shiori’s illness and fails to help her little sister in this time where she is needed most. It’s pretty easy to blame Kaori for her behavior and call her selfish, but I rather think that she very confused, unsure and afraid of the future she will have without Shiroi. She is not taking some easy road here, because she still cares very deeply for her sister I’m sure. In the end, both sisters try to handle the situation through repression, Shiori represses her fear of dying and Kaori represses her feelings for Shiori.

Very interesting and compelling, in particular because the Shirori & Kaori arc was nearly nonexistent in the first Kanon version.


  1. I agree with you about the music for the show. It just makes the show that much more enjoyable. And I rarely pay attention to background music for other shows that I watch.

    And I agree that Kaori isn’t selfish, she’s only trying to protect herself from the loss of Shiori. She’s handling it the wrong way. Just thinking about the good times the two sisters could’ve had is just sad.

  2. Definitely right, they should spend the time that remains in the best way possible, but that’s easy to say from the outside I guess. Like said before, people are complicated.

  3. Yeah, the show back music is the best. Most of the touching parts are matched together with the correct music thus made it even more dramatic!!!

    As for Kaori, it think it’s better NOT to ignore her only sister. She currently doing this because she loves her. Even she is died, Kaori should feel sad also. At least now she could fulfill Shiori’s little wish before she dies.

  4. Well, she could, but sometimes it’s very hard or impossible to do something which looks rather easy from the outside. I also think that she should be much more friendly and gently toward her sister, but than again, I’m not going through the situation she does.

  5. wow ns story u got

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