Ghost Hunt 11

January 26, 2007

Sucks to be you, eh?

Don’t ask us, we are making this up as we go.

A very nice break from the standard pattern of this series. Though the lack of mystery that was to solve (it solved itself pretty fast) there was much room for interaction between the characters and comedy resulting from it (and of course more than enough chances for Mai to become jealous). And beside we got to know that Naru somhow owes Masako.

I just love this

The possessed Masako was especially funny because her behavior was so much different from the normal one. And it was nice to see the various coupling in this episode. Masako and Naru look cute together and Mai and Houshou worked out somehow, but I still prefer the Mai & Naru couple. The Ayako and John couple is just a disaster, especially for John.


Somehow it’s a bit mean to turn the sad story of the dumped girl into comedy, but through the exaggeration that was used for her (how she met the boy, got dumped by him and how she finally died by accident after her failed suicide attempts, her behavior in Masako’s body) it all became too unreal to be really touching in a sadden way. And in the end she looked quite happy, so all’s well that ends well I guess.

Case solved, patient dead

Altogether one episode I enjoyed very much, next time again a “normal” case, settled around Christmas time.


  1. olaaaaaaa

    k lindas imagenes me guistaria k me pasaran mas porfaz bueno nos bemos♣

  2. kyaaaa! i love this episode! this is my favorite. XD i really love the masako and naru couple. XDD

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