Kanon 16

January 24, 2007

Hello, I'll be your love interest for the next episodes.

Next one please.

Well, I’m pretty late with this and because nearly everything about this episode is already said somewhere else, so I’ll make it short. I think that one of the few things that was made better in the first version of Kanon was that they kept the girls longer “alive” (relatively spoken) and had more interaction between them. In the new version each girl’s arc is mostly isolated from the other girls, which is a bit sad. And it’s also sad that now with the end of the Mai & Sayuri arc we won’t see both girls again soon. And that after Mai finally mastered the art of speaking in long sentences without bursting out in tears.

Goodbye Mai, I'll miss you... Oh, and Sayuri, too, of course

Anyway, at least Nayuki finally begins to get some screentime again and is able to show how dependent she can be. No surprise, after all she is the daughter of her mother.

Hello, is Al there? ... Yeah, Al. Last name: Coholic.

Yuuichi’s date with Shiori was nice to watch. I found the music not very fitting, but that’s just me. However, I just can’t believe that somebody that sucks so bad at whack-a-mole that you can hear it can hit that precise with snowballs while throwing like a girl and keeping her eyes closed while aiming.

Eat my snowball+4!

There has to be some mysterious power in it, I’m sure. On the other hand I hope that Yuuichi missed on purpose all the time.

For the graver part of the episode (the visit of the school & Yuuichi’s meeting with Kaori) the usage of light and shadow was a very nice stylistic element to visualize the gap between the characters.

Light & Shadow

More than meets the eye

And at the time Kaori opens up to Yuuichi she also steps in the light (gap closed for a short time).

Crying already at the first episode of the arc? This might become very depressing...

Yuuichi surely knows how to make the girls happy. Oh, and the truth about Shiroi illness is a real bummer, eh?

That’s it. Next time, more sisterly despair.

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