Shuffle! Memories 02

January 19, 2007

A cut above

It’s nice to see that they cut right to the cheese in this version of Shuffle and explained right from the start why Kaede dedicated her life to be a slave maid for Rin. So they start again around the middle of the first version’s timeline and most of the stuff that happened before is, well, what is the right word… oh yeah, boring. Okay, maybe that is a bit harsh, but it was more or less just standard harem comedy with some pointy ears attached to it and at the time I was watching it I was pretty bored most of the time. Only the rumor of something “special” happening later in the series kept me going. And it all really changed at the time Kaede took some action again after been pushed in the background by the other girls way to much. If you ever have blamed a harem lead to take certain girls for given you surely haven’t seen Rin’s behavior toward Kaede in the first Shuffle version. But this girl certainly doesn’t keep quiet about it. Well, don’t exactly know where they want to go with the story this time, but I think this could be interesting.

And somehow I missed this cute little psycho girl.


  1. This is ridiculous. I can understand 1 or 2 eps of recaps. But an entire series to recap the original series that’s less than 5 years old?? Are you serious?!?!? And to think that the studio actually makes money off of this is just absurd.

  2. Don’t know if the whole new series got to be recaps, I think the next episode should cover some new stuff (hopefully).

  3. nope i saw the announcement, this whole shuffle memories series is going to be recap of the first series =( man.. i wanted to watch more episode of rin and asa-senpai together

  4. Woah, that really sucks, for me it would have been more Kaede stuff. Well, at least the new intros and outros are nice.

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