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January 18, 2007

Eve Burst Error

I found Eve: Burst Error to be a pretty fetching interactive novel game. It’s a detective story about a series of mysterious murder and is told from two different perspectives. At first, the cases of Kojiroh, a shabby private eye, and Marina, a NIA agent (and the one in front on the picture btw), seems to have no connection at all, but as the very compelling story unfolds their ways cross more than once and everything falls in place.

The game is already a bit older (released 1995), but that’s no real drawback. It’s sad that it is the only game of the EVE series that ever got translated, only the ADAM game was also translated, but couldn’t reach the fascination of Burst Error, mainly because of the misfitting hentai scenes (Burst Error works with no – visual – hentai at all) and because it ends when the story really becomes interesting. Well, maybe someday I’ll overcome my natural laziness and learn Japanese (can’t be that hard, right?).

Oh, and if you like to see how the girls from the wallpaper look after some drinks, here you go.

P.S.: A new installment of the EVE series will be released in Japan on March 23. EVE – New Generation X – Shokai Ban (First Version). (Source ANS 1-24-07)

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